Fall 2014 - Fall into Planting

By: Jean Ferdinandsen Certified Arborist WI-0149A

Spring often excites us, especially in northern climates. It brings the promise of new growth and life, plus warmer temperatures. 

But spring is not the only time to plant new trees and shrubs. Today’s  nursery market offers a large selection of plant material that has been dug at the proper time and held for planting,  either balled and burlaped  or  in containers. The number of trees and shrubs available in containers or pots has definitely increased. These are often easier to handle due to their size and weight than balled and burlaped (B&B) material. Both types can be planted at virtually any time during the growing season. Many trees and shrubs are also dug in the late summer and fall and are readily available at that time.

The late summer and fall period can offer cooler temperatures and more regular rainfall which will help you get new plantings established. Deciduous trees and shrubs (those that lose their leaves) can be planted up until the ground freezes. Mid-August through mid-October is one of the best times to plant evergreens. 

New plantings will reward you with not only their beauty, but many other benefits. Trees provide many environmental benefits such as cooling, shade, bird habitat, reducing water runoff and pollution, and carbon sequestration. They also add value to your property. The initial cost of a tree is very low when compared to its lifetime value. 

Always select the right tree for the right place. Match your selection to the space and growing conditions for the best results and success. Planting a variety of trees not only adds interest but ensures that your whole landscape is not affected by a single insect or disease issue should it strike. 

Proper planting techniques and care are a must to get a new tree established. Our many years of collective experience at Wachtel Tree Science can help you with your selection and planting. Give us a call for help getting your new tree(s) selected and properly planted. . Make your world a better place, plant a tree, or two, or three…….

Contact your Wisconsins plant care experts today to get started on your fall planting project.

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