Winter 2015 - Sustain Yourself – Plant a Tree

Bill Reichenbach – Certified Arborist WI – 0188A

One dictionary definition of sustain is ‘strengthen or support physically or mentally’. Other meanings include, maintain, provide for, continue, keep alive, and nourish. What better way of sustaining yourself then planting a tree! Trees provide for us in so many ways: oxygen, wood, food, beauty, the list goes on and on. Not only do they provide for us, but also for much of the life on the planet. Birds, insects, mammals, all life depends upon plants to sustain themselves.

Fall Tree Planting in Milwaukee

Not only do we depend upon trees physically, but emotionally as well. Increase Lapham, Wisconsin’s first scientist wrote, “Desolate indeed would be our dwellings were their environs entirely treeless.” To him, trees were, “associated with our early recollections, and become in a great degree companions of our lives; and we unconsciously form strong attachments…thus increasing our love of home, and improving our hearts.”

Landscapes are always in flux, changing over time. Trees age and die, storms take trees out, insects and disease kill trees, and development removes trees. We always need to be thinking of planting more trees to maintain our tree cover, to sustain all the life that depends upon trees. Planting a tree will greatly enhance your home environment as well.

Consider planting a native Wisconsin tree. There is a strong relationship between native vegetation and all the other indigenous life they support. Native birds, mammals, insects and other life forms are associated with our native plants and depend upon them to feed and reproduce. Non-native plants do not provide as well in most cases. As an example, if you want Luna moths you need native oaks, hickories, beech or birch.  Planting natives sustains the life of a multitude of native organisms. 

Now is the time to begin thinking about planting a new tree.  Many trees need to be harvested from nurseries in early spring. We love planting trees – it sustains us. Your Wachtel Certified Arborist has years of experience to help you plant the right tree in the right place. In the field, our Certified Arborists take the time to handle and plant trees properly with great care. 

“Acts of creation are ordinarily reserved for gods and poets. To plant a tree, one needs only a shovel.” - Aldo Leopold

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