Fall 2014 - Spider Lift = Safety

Fall 2014 - Spider Lift = Safety

By: Brent Kahn, ISA Certified Arborist #WI-0302A     

Certified Arborist Tools - Spider LiftSafety is always our top focus here at Wachtel Tree Science.  We are always looking for the newest tools, techniques, and equipment to work in the safest manner possible. Our recent addition of a self-propelled tracked lift, or “spider lift” as we like to call it, allows us to do this.

     Our spider lift is a 70’ tall portable man lift and will go where other lifts just can’t go.  It operates on rubber tracks that allow the machine to maneuver over delicate turf and pavement without the impact of a heavier truck mounted lift.  This machine is also only 2’10.5” wide, allowing it access through a 36” wide gate. We can now get to trees that would have been impossible to get to in the past.

 Safe Certified Arborists - Professional Tree Care  

Certified Arborist Equipment - Spider LiftClimbing trees with a rope and saddle is physically demanding work.  Even the best climbers may not be able to get out to that dead branch, way out at the end.  A spider lift helps to minimize the daily “wear and tear” to an arborist’s body.  It helps to extend the production career of an ageing arborist.  It allows us to work safely and efficiently to get out to those un-climbable cuts. Othertimes trees are just not safe to climb, especially when they are dead or damaged by storms.  A spider lift allows us to access many more of these types of trees.

A spider lift makes it safer for our client’s properties.  We can be delicate, with more control, while working over the top of your home, patio, or beautiful flower garden.  It helps us to take extra care around your other trees and shrubs and It limits the impact to your turf grass.  This is important because we care about your property.


Our spider lift sets us apart from other tree care companies.  It makes us the best we can be and better than we have been.  It allows us to safely do work that others can’t. 

Contact your Wachtel Certified Arborist to see how we can help you care for your trees safely and professionally. 

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