New Product Available for Gypsy Moth Management

By: John T. Gall, Certified Arborist WI-0249A

Spring 2004 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format The BugBarrier Tree Band System has introduced an alternative to wrapping trees with burlap and/or stickey substances.

The BugBarrier Tree Band System is a new product that Wachtel Tree Science and Service will be carrying for the upcoming gypsy moth season. BugBarrier is a physical control system that prevents gypsy moth caterpillars from crawling up the trunks of trees to reach their leaf feeding sites in the crown.

BugBarrier is effective at two times during the caterpillar feeding stage of the gypsy moth. First, when caterpillars are hatching from their egg masses, if the egg masses are below the BugBarrier, the caterpillars are unable to crawl over the barrier into tree crowns. The second time is in the later stages of their caterpillar phase when they are the size of your little finger. Their natural instinct is to seek shelter from predators and the heat of the day so they crawl down the tree’s trunk and over the cellophane wrap at the top of the BugBarrier and drop to the ground. When they attempt to return back up the tree, the BugBarrier prevents them from reaching their goal.

The caterpillars have no other choice but to climb back down the trunk and seek out other unprotected preferred host trees.

BugBarrier can be used as a secondary control measure on sites where gypsy moth pressure is high and should not be considered as an alternative to spraying. This is another tool in a multi-pronged approach to gypsy moth management. It is also useful in monitoring gypsy moth populations in low pressure areas and can also help in protecting trees that cannot be sprayed, such as trees whose canopies hang over bodies of water.

The BugBarrier System is neat, professional looking and is harmless to the touch. There is no mess or gooeyness, it is non-chemical and will not stain or injure the bark of trees as some other products often do.

Call Wachtel today for pricing information. We will sell the product directly for you to install yourself or you may have the certified arborists at Wachtel do the installation and removal.

© Copyright 2004 – Wachtel Tree Science & Service, Inc.

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