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The Plant Doctor's Seasonal Report brings you the most important and interesting seasonal Wisconsin tree care information. This is where our Wisconsin Certified Arborists share their experience and passion for all aspects of the tree care industry. From preventative plant health care topics like the Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer epidemic to daily happenings at the Wachtel office, the Plant Doctor's Seasonal Report keeps you informed.

Read below to see the most up to date tree care information from our Wachtel staff of Certified Arborists and Wisconsin tree care specialists. For even more information on important tree care, take a look at our Wisconsin tree care news blog.

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Fall 2009 - Prescribed Fertilization Can Help Your Trees Now!

By: Anthony C. Arnoldi, Board-Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B

Fall 2009 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Trees have had their share of problems:

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Fall 2009 - All Pruning Is Not Equal

By: Jeffrey P. Hagfors, Certified Arborist WI-0181A

Spring Newsletter in Adobe PDF format A knowledgeable, experienced arborist knows that all tree pruning is not equal. The arborist assesses each tree individually and then decides what type of pruning the tree is in need of. Crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising,crown restoration, deadwood pruning and training pruning are nationally accepted standards of tree pruning developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The standards are extensive and involved. They are there to protect the consumer. At Wachtel Tree Science our knowledgeable and experienced Certified Arborists will help you benefit from these standards and assist you in determining what type of pruning your trees will need.

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Fall 2009 - Fall Planting for Curb Appeal

By: Jean Ferdinandsen, Certified Arborist WI-0149A

Spring Newsletter in Adobe PDF format If you’re having a “staycation” this year or putting your house on the market to sell, you may have an area outside that needs remodeling or rejuvenating. Trees definitely add to the appeal and value of your property. Tree planting is an investment that pays off and grows. While spring may be a time for new growth and when most people think of planting, late summer and fall may be the best season because of cooler temperatures and adequate rainfall.

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Fall 2009 - Time to Treat Japanese Beetles

By: Ron Gumz, Certified Arborist MN-0324A

Spring Newsletter in Adobe PDF format You may have noticed some green little bugs on your trees this summer. No, not the emerald ash borer, but another increasingly threatening insect known as the Japanese beetle.

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Summer 2009 - Pruning as Treatment

By: Anthony C. Arnoldi, Board Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B

Summer 2009 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Wachtel Tree Science has a well-deserved reputation for saving trees and solving complex tree problems. Not every tree can or even should be saved, given its condition, age, prognosis, remaining expected lifespan, risk of failure, or ability to fulfill its purpose in the landscape. However, when it is reasonable to pursue a course of action, utilizing the various treatment regimes at our disposal, Wachtel has a proven track record that is well known.

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Summer 2009 - Fungus Weather

By: Anthony C. Arnoldi, Board Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B

Summer 2009 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format We’ve had it again: the kind of weather that delayed summer and put a damper on many outdoor activities this spring. It made the mood a little bit more somber, and was prevalent for the first part of the 2009 growing season.

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Summer 2009 - Planting Under Trees - A Green Solution

By: Bill Reichenbach,  Certified Arborist WI-0188A

Summer 2009 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Tired of mowing under or around your trees? Want to plant in the mulch bed under your tree? Perhaps you would like to create a ‘woodland garden’ in your part of the urban forest. Planting under trees is a wonderful way to create a lush, sustainable and beautiful home landscape.

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Spring 2009 - Tree Doctors Still Make House Calls

By: Jean Ferdinandsen, Certified Arborist WI-0149A

Spring 2009 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format When you call Wachtel Tree Science and Service to look at your tree, a Certified Arborist will come to provide a thorough assessment of it. You may have some idea regarding how your doctor assesses your health, but what does a Certified Arborist look at when determining your tree’s health or condition?

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Spring 2009 - Wachtel Plants Trees and Shrubs

Spring 2009 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Do you have an opening in your yard that a nice shade tree would fill? Is there a view of your neighbor’s yard that you would like to screen? Are you interested in attracting more birds to your yard? Perhaps you need more color or flowering trees and shrubs. Would you like to add diversity to the tree community in your yard to head off problems with the expected activity by emerald ash borer? Plants can add so much to making your yard an outdoor part of your home.


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Spring 2009 - Do Mosquitos Ruin Your Summer?

Spring 2009 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Do you lose use of your yard each summer because of mosquitoes, or is there a big outdoor event that these unwanted pests might ruin? You might want to consider a control program.

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