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The Plant Doctor's Seasonal Report brings you the most important and interesting seasonal Wisconsin tree care information. This is where our Wisconsin Certified Arborists share their experience and passion for all aspects of the tree care industry. From preventative plant health care topics like the Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer epidemic to daily happenings at the Wachtel office, the Plant Doctor's Seasonal Report keeps you informed.

Read below to see the most up to date tree care information from our Wachtel staff of Certified Arborists and Wisconsin tree care specialists. For even more information on important tree care, take a look at our Wisconsin tree care news blog.

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Does Your Tree Need An Attorney?

By: Paul Markworth, Consulting Arborist

Winter 2003 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Does your tree need an attorney? This may seem like a funny question, and it is. The real question is, “Will you need an attorney because of the condition of your tree?”

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Window Treatment

By: Anthony C. Arnoldi, Board Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B

Winter 2003 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Gypsy moths are quite amazing creatures. They have spread across one third of the United States and are still gaining territory despite rigorous programs to slow the spread. They have been firmly established in Southeast Wisconsin for at least the last 5-7 years. For the first 3 to 4 years, gypsy moth damage was limited to a few “hot spots.” Last season, however, gypsy moth feeding damage was noted in nearly every neighborhood, sometimes lighter, sometimes heavier, but certainly gypsy moth presence is much more universal. We will look at the best way to stop the damage from this pest.

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Employee Focus: John Gall

Winter2009 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format As Special Projects Coordinator, John brings his years of municipal experience to Wachtel's consulting team.

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Fall 2002 - A Key to Evergreen Problems

By: Janet Doss, Certified Arborist

2002 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format As fall approaches, attention is usually given to shade trees. Why? Leaf raking! However, fall is an excellent time to give some attention to the other trees in the yard. The ones that don’t have leaves all over the ground—the evergreens.

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Fall 2002 - Evergreens Cry "Don't Shade on Me!"

By: Anthony Arnoldi, Certified Arborist

2002 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Everyone loves to see majestic evergreens in winter contrasting nicely with the snow adorning them. They help form Christmas card scenes and give shelter for wildlife. In summer, too, they add richness of greens and break up the texture of leafy patterns. They usually occupy very prominent places in our landscapes because they look good year ’round. Many people give preference to keeping the evergreens healthy in their yards.

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Fall 2002 - Tree Skinning, Lion Tailing and Unschooled Practitioners

By: Paul Markworth, Certified Arborist

2002 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format Tree skinning? Lion tailing? What do these terms mean and what do they have to do with trees? Both of these terms signify bad pruning practices by ill-advised tree butchers.

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