Protecting Property

By: Janet Doss, Certified Arborist WI-0179A

Fall 2007 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format The most important thing we do to protect your property is to hire people who care.

I am on my way to the first job of the day. I see a tree truck and a chipper on the next block. Always curious to see what the competition is doing, I slow down to take a look. The driver backs the truck and the chipper into the yard not into the driveway, but across the lawn. Not getting it right the first time, the driver tried again and again until the truck and the chipper were by the tree that was getting pruned. Was it really necessary to drive on the customer’s lawn when the tree was only 20 feet from the curb? The crew had not even started the job and had already shown little concern for the customer’s property. What else would they do? At Wachtel we consider ourselves invited guests when we work on your trees; partners caring for your trees. We make great efforts to not only care about your trees, but are equally concerned about your property.

Rarely do we find it necessary to drive on lawns. There are times with the bucket trucks that we will go onto a lawn. When the situation requires a heavy piece of equipment to be on the lawn, we lay down mats to protect the turf and soil. We will also use equipment appropriate for the job. If a stump needs to be ground, a grinder appropriate for the size of the stump but also for the location in the yard will be used. There is no need to drive a truck with a tow behind grinder across the lawn when the small, self-propelled grinder will do.

Another option to help minimize impact to your property is to schedule the work for the winter when the ground is frozen or in fall once perennial growth is over. Scheduling the work for the winter not only protects the turf, but also protects annuals or perennials in the yard if they may be damaged during tree work. Even fall soil injections may be postponed until after the first frost so that gardens are not spoiled.

The most important thing that we do at Wachtel to protect your property is to hire people who care. Sure, sometimes it is easier to take the chipper to the brush rather than the brush to the chipper, but easier is not synonymous with better. Our partnership with you carries over to your trees and landscape.

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