Spring 2011-Monitoring for Threats

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By: Anthony Arnoldi, Board-Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B

In this computer age we all know how important it is to keep up to date antivirus, and anti malware software to protect our sensitive equipment from malicious threats of all kinds. Similarly, there are a multitude of threats which put your trees at risk. Wachtel Tree Science employs a number of ways to keep ahead of these dangers.  

• Your Certified Arborist – monitors for issues on many properties. When insects, mites, diseases or other problems appear on your property, he/she will alert you and also inform the other Arborists here at Wachtel. The network of communication we form is very responsive to changes and threats in our environment.

• Production Certified Arborists – all our arborists are certified, and their eyes are always peeled for changes in tree conditions, occurrences of pests, diseases, storm damage, and the need for structural reinforcement. One of our greatest strengths and one that differentiates us from our competitors is our people. The information they gather is captured and recorded into the client permanent record; and helps to form a great body of critical information that is drawn upon by your Certified Arborist in keeping recommendations highly accurate.

• Links to Professional Web Sites – such as WAA, ISA, TCIA, WDNR and UW-extension, etc. send out alerts, and keep us abreast of new outbreaks or other arboricultural concerns. Emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, and Japanese beetle are good examples of threats being tracked and constantly monitored.

• Wachtel Clients – many of whom are very helpful in partnering with us to see changes that occur. With guidance from their Certified Arborist, our newsletters, and other materials, they are able to provide a front-line source of important and up-to-the-minute information on threat status. This has always been invaluable to our "information network."

• Plant Phenology Timing Method – when it warms up earlier in spring, your lilacs bloom earlier. So it is with pests – when it warms up earlier, pests like Gypsy Moth or Tent Caterpillars hatch correspondingly earlier. This relationship has been catalogued to a great degree, with many pests having "indicator plants" matched to them so when they bloom, we know the pest hatches at the same time. This is an accurate way to anticipate pest appearances and to have precision in timing of treatments. In this way we can maximize our effectiveness and minimize environmental impact.

We take the responsibility of defending your property very seriously. Being able to be on top of threat activity enables us to be very successful and even proactive. Healthy and beautiful landscapes do not just happen. Call your Wachtel Certified Arborist for an "On Demand Scan" to assess the threat and health level of your yard.

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