Spring 2014-TCIA Safety Award

Spring 2014 - Wachtel Field Crew is Recognized Nationally for Safety Actions

We are very proud of our safety and training programs.  On February 4th one of our crews was recognized by the Tree Care Industry Association for its actions in helping a member of the public.  The crew received an award for their actions at the national convention of the association on February 4th of this year.  This is the second time our staff has been recognized nationally for its actions that have involved the public.

Here is the description of event that occurred last fall:

TCIA Safety Award Recipients

The Wachtel Tree Science crew of Ryan Rodefer, Nathan Schuettpelz and Cody Austin were about to depart their first job of the day when a Fed-Ex truck backed into the neighbor’s driveway. Ryan and Nate heard something and saw the Fed-Ex employee, Shane, rolling on the ground in front of his truck. The victim told them that he thought he broke his leg and, in fact, he had a compound fracture of his lower leg.

While Ryan called 911, Nathan jumped into the Fed-Ex truck and secured the emergency brake to make the scene as safe as it could be. Ryan gave the 911 operator their information and a phone to reach them and hung up to help care for Shane.

Nathan went to the Wachtel truck and grabbed chain saw chaps and jackets to help keep Shane warm and comfortable. They supported Shane’s injured leg with Nathan’s lunchbox to keep the leg from moving. Cody retrieved a pair of wheel chocks to further secure the truck. To help paramedics find the scene, Ryan took the Wachtel truck to the beginning of the cul-de-sac and turned its hazard lights on.

When help arrived, Nate helped carry the back board, and Ryan helped get Shane on the board and into the ambulance. After they left, Ryan helped the police officer get the Fed-Ex truck out of the driveway and into a safer spot within the cul-de-sac.

Deputy Sheriff Andrew Weber of the Waukesha county Sheriff’s department said, “I see a lot of events where people do not help other people. In a case like today where a group of people went out of their way to help a stranger and care for them, I feel the need to recognize that act. I was very impressed with the actions that the crew took to protect and comfort Shane.”

After an extended stay in the hospital we are happy to report that OUR Fed-Ex delivery man Shane, is back to work!

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