Winter 2012- The Super Power Advantage

By: Anthony C. Arnoldi, Board-Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B

Up, up and away! Is it a bird, or a plane? No…it’s just your friendly, neighborhood
Wachtel Arborist wielding the awesome power that is his to control in winter…x-ray
vision! With this power, we are able to leap up into any tall tree,see more powerfully
than any binoculars, and help trees faster than a speeding bullet.Yes, we can be superheroes

at this time of year. In the winter, our vision penetrates the entire crown of a big tree.
We can see all across and up & down with ease. Hidden problems cannot hide any longer. Add
to that the power of recognition, discernment and skill that only a trained and educated
Certified Arborist has, and you have a true Superhero. We can detect the insect and disease
issues trying to gain a foothold in your tree.Structural weaknesses are laid bare, so that
they can be reinforced or eliminated. A tree may have many different possible paths toward a
pruning goal, but now the best path is more easily determined and executed. Tree leaves can
be very effective at hiding a great many problems and lesser Arborists may miss several of them.
Past storms often start cracks that remain closed and invisible at first, but over time, many
hairline seams open up little by little to reveal the lack of strength. How important is it to
catch these early,
making for less biological impact, as well as avoiding the risk of falling and the resulting
safety problem? Very!If unschooled practitioners had compromised structure, such as removing
too many lower branches or removing too much of the interior branching (“tree skinning”or
“lion’s tailing”), this can be readily pointed out when the tree’s “skeleton” is open to
inspection. If chain saw skips, rips, or tears from improper cuts damaged the bark,
these, too, will show up all too well. Many times corrections can be done when these are identi -
fied during the pass through the tree. Then we can leave the tree in super-condition and gleaming, ready
to unfurl in spring in all its glory. X-ray vision is one of the most powerful weapons in the battle
against evil in the world of tree care. Call for an assessment today from your Wachtel Certified
Arborist. He can set up a visit by The Men/Women of Steel. Then you and your trees
can breathe a sigh of relief.

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