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Shari Bauer-Milwaukee

"I want to tell you that Jacob was excellent in his manner and work ethic.  He was friendly-knew what he was doing. You have a super fellow with an excellent work effort. He was kind, knew what he was doing and let you know what he did."


Susan Williams-Erin

"Appreciate the men working in the bitter cold and in snow to complete the job.  Thank you."


Eric Burkhardt-Waukesha

"Person tree climber trimmer introduced himself and background.  Answered my questions!"



"Our tree could not have been more beautifully trimmed for Christmas! The expert crew gave them such grace and beauty! Thank you."


Marion Mayer-Muskego

"Wachtel Tree Science Inc took excellent care of my trees at my old place.  They are working this summer, I have 22 trees on my new lot and they inoculated them with compost tea and they prunmed them and they are going to inoculate them again and fertilize.  I'm looking forward to having great trees here too just the way I had in my old place.  It's $1100 for the services of 2 inoculations with compost tea, 1 pruning and 1 fertilization. They have been great. The  price seems reasonable enough for me because they come down with big tank trucks and equipment.  They come during the season they say they are going to come, no specific dau or time that they have to do it, and they offer to call me f I wanted to be there while they were doing it so that was good."


Mary Rhodes-Johnsoncreek

"Wachtel Tree Sicience looked at my trees.  They were certified arborists and assessed our trees and they are going to do some trimming for us.  The assessment was free with the work that is going to be done.  They were very prompt with returning phone calls.  They gave us a reasonable estimate.  They told us the time frame when they could do the work. They are very knowledgeable."


Mary Dillon Galbraith-Shorewood

"We found Wachtel by accident many years ago when we first moved to Shorewood, and have used them exclusively ever snce. We are protective of the many trees on ourproperty and have never been disappointed.  Each spring, they send us a list of services we have done every year; they will do only what I check, but I always check all of them, and usually call for other services during the rest of the year.  When the estimate comes, I pay the total up front.  They always leave an invoice following service.  Our birch clump was a scrawny batch of saplings when we moved in; now the trunks are 12" in diameter.  We jave jad cabling done in the past; will have more done soon as some of the long branches are getting too close to the house and others are starting to strain the crotch joints at the bottom.  Several uears ago an elm on a nearby parking showed flagging at the top, and I called them immediately.  They came and gave me an estimate a day later.  Because it was late in autumn they were uncertain whether the treament would be carried high enough up into the tree, but said they would come back the following spring to check it. The tree survived brilliantly and is now 15 years post initial treatment.  The canopy extends to a total diameter of about 300 feet. It wasn't on my property, but was irreplaceable on the street, and several neighbors potched in to pay for it.  I recommend them to EVERYONE, and several friends have used them with great satisfaction."


Penny Janz-North Prairie

"Cut down large box elder tree that was dying, trimmed down lilac bushes growing outside patio door and pruned redbud tree.  Removed all cuttings.  The Friday before the work was done, I received a phone call telling me the crew would be at my home at 8 a.m. on Monday morning.  The crew (a young man and young woman) arrived and verified the work to be done.  As they moved to each item, they verified what was to be done.  As they began they confirmed the height/amount of trimming was what I wanted. They were here almost the entire day.  They did a beautiful job on the trimming as well as the clean up.  They even put boards on the lawn so the mechanical equipment didn't make impressions in the lawn.  I was delighted with their professionalism."


NCraven-Whitefish Bay

"Wachtel provided fertilizer treatment and recommended some pruning be done as well.  I have used Wachtel many times in the past.  Recently one of our utility companies had to do some digging on my property and I gave them a call because I was concerned about damage to the root systems of some of my large trees.  Wachtel came out and consulted with the utility company and were able to prvent damage from the work they had to do.  I am having them back in the spring and I would highly recommend them."


Liz Newton-Milwaukee

"My birch tree looks great.  100% improvement and everyone liked my dogs."


Pat Cohen-Cedarburg

"I am always pleased with the attention given to my questions and concerns. Very helpful."



"Wonderful crew, wonderful job! Thank you."


Terry Lesnik-Greenfield

"Ryan, RJ and Kyle were PHENOMENAL! First and foremost how very impressive to have Ryan take the time to
introduce himself and the crew. It means so much to me.  Also I never saw them take off any safety gear which was impressive, and since I work in the medical field, know how doctors rush patients in order to get as many appts in as possible.  I never felt that way with your crew. They were professional and did an excellent job."


Cindy Schaefer-Franklin

" Another great year of service from the Wachtel Family! Thank you.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season, Cindy."


Rich & Laurie Larson-Walworth

"Worked with you by a previous property.  Always very satisfied.  Your entire staff is wonderful, knowledgeable, courteous, and professional."


Mary Fox-Milwaukee

"Your treatments have kept my old crab apple tree alive and looking good long after its "sell-by-date"."


Beverly Neusen-Milwaukee

"Very, very nice young men. Job well done. Thank you."


Chris Rushton-Mequon

"Ryan and Matt were professional, couteous and did an excellent job. We are very pleased with their service."


Sally-Whitefish Bay

"Neighbor pleased with how well his property was protected and cleaned up also."


Dona Schaller-Hartford

"We can't say enough about the tremendous service and education we get from Dave Scharfenberger!! Everyone we deal with at Wachtel is friendly and eager to serve.  I met your tech, Jeff Schulz, before the treatment and we had a good chat about trees.  I watched from inside as he did the application and Jeff really "went to town".  WOW-that's quite a job! He was happy I kept the area well watered so the ground was pretty forgiving to his probe.  Wachtel is our go to for all our tree concerns!!"


Jon-Fox Point

"Matt did a great job on our giant maple tree!"



"My ash is a beautiful tree. I am grateful you are treating it, to keep it healthy.  Thank you."



"Thank you for a great service this year. Thank you Jean, and all the staff members, for your kindness. See you next year."


Gregory Groth-Franklin

"Very professional-I have established a high level of confidence in Wachtel!"


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  • Robert & Dorothy Miller - Mequon

    " Tree removal was recommended, we had a contract, the job was completed on Tuesday. We are very pleased, excellent team work. Thank you to Anthony."

  • John K. - Waukesha

    "Always pleased with how you keep our trees happy and healthy!  Thanks!"

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