A History Rich in Tree Care

Wachtel Tree Science has been keeping trees healthy and beautiful with the highest quality care since 1935. We utilize the most advanced technology and best practices which enables us to provide outstanding tree care.

Wachtel Arborists and Crew in tree
1950s Crew in Tree

How our people set us apart:

We have 3 Board Certified Master Arborists,  24 Certified Arborists and 1 Municipal Specialist on staff (more than any company in Wisconsin). Twenty-six of the twenty-seven Arborists have degrees. All told we have 2 Associate degrees, 22 Bachelors and 3 Masters. All together we have a combined experience of 463 years. Furthermore, we have 4 past-presidents of the Wisconsin Arborist Association on staff.

How our work sets us apart:

All of our treatments are based on insect or disease life cycles for proper timing rather than a calendar based cover spray (spray everything) approach. Our approach limits spraying and preserves beneficial insects by focusing treatments at the time when control of an insect or disease can be most effective. This is part of an overall approach we use called Plant Health Care (PHC).

This method integrates many different types of management including preventive care, correct cultural practices, pruning, biological, injection, chemical, site modifications and possibly even removal, and planting. Proper pruning, careful removal work and an eye for detail throughout the entire process (even cleanup) are important to our crews. This is not the easiest way but it is the best.

A testimony to this is the fact that we were presented with The Tree Care Industry's Grand Award for Excellence in Arboriculture for four consecutive years. We are the only Wisconsin company to receive this honor.


May 1950 tree sprayer
1950s Sprayer

How history sets us apart:

Wachtel Tree Science was founded in 1935 by Larry Wachtel and is the oldest tree care company in Wisconsin. Larry recognized the importance of professional organizations and commitment to them very early in his professional career.


He was president of the National Arborist Association in 1949, received the Distinguished Service Award from the Wisconsin Arborist Association (WAA) and was an Honorary Life Member of the WAA and the International Society of Arboriculture. Wachtel Tree Science was instrumental in the formation and advancement of these national and local professional organizations and continues that commitment to this day.

June 1970 Bucket Truck
June 1970 Bucket Truck

Jean Ferdinandsen, John Gall, Paul Markworth and David Scharfenberger are all past-presidents of the Wisconsin Arborists Association (WAA). Dave is currently a Vice President of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and is a member of the WAA board of Directors. Paul is currently an active member of WAA, TCIA, The Society of Commercial Arboriculture and has received the WAA Distinguished Service and Honorary Life Member Awards. Tony Arnoldi is a past Board member of the WAA and past Certifications Committee Chair Bill Reichenbach was a past Board of director for the WAA while Jean is the past WAA Legislative/Policy Liaison. John Gall currently serves on the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council. Jeff Wilson currently is a member of the advisory board for the UW-Stevens Point (UWSP) and Mid State Technical College (MSTC) forestry programs.

At Wachtel Tree Science we practice the art and science of Wisconsin tree care. What sets us apart is quality people, a commitment to training and safety, along with using the newest technology and techniques. We work to keep your trees healthy and beautiful, while at the same time not forgetting our history and responsibility to care for your trees and the environment.

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    "Always pleased with how you keep our trees happy and healthy!  Thanks!"

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