Our Experienced Wisconsin Tree Service Staff

Dave Scharfenberger

Wisconsin master arborist Dave ScharfenbergerPresident
Board Certified Master Arborist
Certification # WI-0131B

board master certified arboristWachtel President and Board Certified Master Arborist Dave Scharfenberger credits then-girlfriend (and now wife of 30+ years) Judy with directing him toward an Urban Forestry major at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. He wisely switched his degree from Forestry when she pointed out that she "didn't want to live in a forest." 

Dave is still grateful for her encouragement to redirect, and loves working with and caring for trees, the oldest and largest living organisms on earth.

Dave's love for trees started when he was just four years old and planted a silver maple from a seed in the vegetable garden at his parent’s home.  A few years later Dave transplanted it to the front yard and delighted in watching it grow over the years, providing beauty and shade for the home.  

Today Dave serves on the Finance Committee of the International Society of Arboriculture, after being on the board of directors for 9 years. He is also a Wisconsin Arborist Association Honorary Life Member and is an active member of the Tree Care Industry Association and the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association. He is a past president of the Wisconsin Arborist Association and is a recipient of a number of Distinguished Service Awards. 

Dave's favorite tree is the Tamarack Tree, the only deciduous conifer.  

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Jeff Wilson

Kenosha arborist Jeff WilsonPresident
Certified Arborist
Certification # IL-0099A

certified arboristPresident & ISA Certified Arborist, Jeff Wilson is a graduate of Northland College with a BS in Biology. He has almost 40 years experience in the science of tree care.

An advisor to the Forestry programs at UW Stevens Point, MATC, and Mid-State Technical College since 2001, Jeff enjoys watching young people enter the profession and grow into very talented tree care specialists. He takes pride in Wachtel's highly educated, friendly staff, and is a strong proponent of employing good honest people who are the very best at what they do.  According to Jeff, one of Wachtel's greatest strengths is "great people helping great clients."

Jeff is active in the International Society of Arboriculture, Wisconsin Arborist Association Board Member, Tree Care Industry Association and Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association.  Jeff’s favorite tree is the strong and mighty Kentucky Coffee tree.

Jeff and his wife planted Kentucky Coffee trees in their back yard to commemorate the births of their two children.  

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Paul Markworth

Consulting ArboristWisconsin Master Arborist Paul Markworth
Board Certified Master Arborist
Certification # WI-0153B

board master certified arboristISA Board Certified Master Arborist, Paul Markworth has a BS degree in Forest Management from Purdue University and has over 41 years of experience working with trees and their problems. He is a past president of the Wisconsin Arborist Association and has received both their Distinguished Service and Honorary Life Member Awards. Also the TCIA Volunteer of the Year award. Past member of the ANSI Z133 Safety Committee and current member of the ISA Science & Research Committee.

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Ron Gumz

Menomonee Falls arborist Ron Gumz

Vice President
Board Certified Master Arborist 
Certification # MN-0324B

certified arboristCertified Arborist Ron Gumz developed an instant respect and admiration for trees when, at age 8, a willow branch snapped under his weight and he fell 10 feet onto his back on the soft earth. The accident taught him that even the healthiest looking trees can surprise you, and that knowledge and safety are key components when dealing with trees.

Ron has been working in arboriculture since the late 1990s. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with a bachelor's degree in Urban Forestry, and has since become a Certified Arborist.  He is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and is on the Wisconsin Arborist Association Board. Ron loves spending his days outside (even in the cold Wisconsin winters) and uses his vast knowledge to keep trees looking and doing their best.

One of his favorite parts of the job is interacting with clients on their property. He knows his clients appreciate that Wachtel Tree Science can be trusted to do what’s best for their trees, and with regular care and maintenance can help keep their properties looking beautiful all year round.

Ron's favorite tree is the mighty oak - its many different varieties have the potential to live for hundreds of years.

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Tony Arnoldi

Mequon Master Arborist Tony ArnoldiChief Diagnostician
Board Certified Master Arborist
Certification # WI-0102B

board master certified arboristChief Diagnostician & ISA Board Certified Master Arborist Tony Arnoldi has more than three decades of field experience in the diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of trees and shrubs.

As a child, Tony loved hunting, camping and fishing with his dad, and wondered how he could turn his love of the outdoors into a profession. When he and his friends constructed a rugged tree house in an old hawthorn, his appreciation of nature grew into an appreciation of trees. A degree in Forest Science from the University of Wisconsin fueled his love for caring for trees on an individual basis, and he became Certified Arborist. Tony is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, the Tree Care Industry Association and the Wisconsin Arborist Association where he served on the Board of Directors for several years. Tony's projects have won two Excellence in Arboriculture Grand Awards, and Award of Distinction.

One of Tony's favorite parts of the job is seeing trees that were once sick and are now healthy, especially when his clients notice the changes. 

Tony's favorite tree is the American Beech because of its great strength and aristocratic flair.

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Jean Ferdinandsen

Former Waukesha County Extension Agent Hartland arborist Jean Ferdinandsen
Diagnostician Certified Arborist
Certification #WI-0149A

certified arboristWhen Diagnostician & ISA Certified Arborist Jean Ferdinandsen was a child, she and her brothers would climb the catalpa tree outside their kitchen window and have duels with the tree’s long, distinct pods. Her love for trees and the outdoors led to BS and MS degrees in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and more than 36 years of experience in the care of trees and shrubs.
Jean’s favorite parts of her job are interacting with her clients on their properties, diagnosing problems and working with her peers to provide all of Wachtel’s clients with the highest quality care.

A licensed and certified pesticide applicator, Jean is a Life-Member of the International Society of Arboriculture, as well as a member and past president of the Wisconsin Arborist Association, and recipient of their Distinguished Service Award.

Jean, her husband Leif and son Stefan share a love of the outdoors. In their spare time they enjoy camping, hiking, bicycling, etc.

Jean loves the unique Catalpa tree because it reminds her of her childhood and the first home she owned.

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John Gall

Municipal Specialist Wisconsin Arborist John GallMunicipal Specialist Certified Arborist
Certification # WI-0249AM

certified arborist municipal specialist

When John Gall was a sophomore at Appleton High School, his biology teacher chose him to participate in the program “Trees for Tomorrow.” This program, which offered multi-day exposure to the various aspects of forestry, set the course for John’s future. 42 years ago, he received his BA in Forest Management and became the first master’s candidate to receive a MS degree in Urban Forestry from Purdue University.

Today John uses his experience and education as a Special Projects Coordinator & ISA Certified Arborist/Municipal Specialist to give back to our local communities. He finds it especially rewarding to work with smaller communities that don’t typically have a forester on staff. John knows his clients appreciate the very knowledgeable staff at Wachtel Tree Science, and is proud of the staff’s strong character and work ethic.

A past president of the Wisconsin Arborist Association, John has received both their Distinguished Service and Honorary Life Member Awards. He recently stepped down from the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council after serving as the Wisconsin Arborist Association Representative for 8.5 years.

John's favorite tree is the Chinkapin Oak - he has one in his backyard that he nurtured from an acorn he acquired from the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL.

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Keith Glaznap

Muskego arborist Keith GlaznapDiagnostician Certified Arborist
Certification # WI-0678A

certified arborist

Keith Glaznap found his love for the outdoors at a very young age as his parents would take him and his sister on weekly camping trips to central Wisconsin. Keith would often take long bike rides down old logging roads through the forests of central Wisconsin content "to just be in the woods." These trips helped him to develop an awareness and an appreciation for our natural world.

As the years went by Keith went on to UW-Stevens Point to obtain a bachelor's degree in urban forestry. Shortly after college he became a Certified Arborist. After being in production for a number of years, Keith has since grown into the current sales arborist position he now holds.

As Keith took his passion for nature and molded it into a career caring for trees, he now considers himself blessed to be a part of such a knowledgeable group of individuals at a company where client needs come first. He is alsays quick to point out that our clients are the ones who benefit the most from this unique arrangement of knowledge and skills.

Keith's favorite tree is the fragrant White Pine. He fondly refers to this majestic tree as "the Sequoia of the Midwest."

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Jake Kubisiak

Milwaukee arborist Jake KubisiakDiagnostician
Certified Arborist
Certification # IL-1392A

certified arboristDiagnostician & ISA Certified Arborist Jake Kubisiak has been caring for trees since 1997.

When Jake Kubisiak, son of a DNR biologist, was pursuing his degree at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point he was captivated by an infrared study that showed the affect trees have on the urban environment. The infrared photos showed red where there were no trees, and blue where the earth was cooled significantly by the presence of trees.

When he considered tree care as a career, he was impressed by how passionate and friendly tree care professionals were; their love and enthusiasm for their profession encouraged him to pursue a BS in Urban Forestry at UW-Stevens Point.

Jake worked in the field climbing and treating trees for five years before becoming a Sales Arborist. He enjoys working with clients who share his love for trees, and is touched by how many people care for and treat their trees like a member of their family.

Jake’s favorite tree is the ironwood; an intriguing and often undervalued plant with an interesting shape and biology.

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Bill Reichenbach

Senior Plantsman Diagnostician  Certified Arborist
Certification # WI-0188A

certified arborist

Brookfield Arborist Bill Reichenbach

Certified Arborist Bill Reichenbach brings 36 years of arboriculture experience to Wachtel. The son of an avid outdoorsman, young Bill spent much of his childhood outdoors in the forests and fields of Wisconsin, fishing, hiking and hunting, observing and enjoying nature. He still does today.

One of Bill's favorite parts of the job is getting to know his clients and working with them to contribute to the beauty and value of their properties. He takes pride in Wachtel's high professional standards, and being an integral member of its educated, talented and friendly staff.

Bill is a member of International Society of Arboriculture and the Wisconsin Arborist Association. He has served on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Arborists Association, and has appeared on PBS's 'The Victory Garden' and 'The Wisconsin Gardener' over the years. He has won numerous industry awards, including an International Society of Arboriculture Gold Leaf Award and a Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council Award working with the City of Waukesha in preserving the Dunbar oak.

Bill's favorite tree is the Bur Oak, a beautiful, sturdy, robust tree of the American Midwest.

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Joanne Edmundson

Wisconsin Tree Service Office Manager Joanne EdmundsonOffice Manager

From childhood, office manager Joanne Edmundson has had a keen interest in organization and frequently played “office” while her family poked fun at her obsession with Excel spreadsheets.  
Working with customers has been a passion of Joanne’s since early in her career. She loves the satisfaction of playing a role in Wachtel’s growth and success.
As the youngest of nine kids, Joanne frequently escaped to the outdoors for quiet reading time under the huge oak tree in the family’s back yard and took breaks from her books to look up at the leaves and daydream. Spending so much time in nature fueled her interest in the green industry – one of her favorite aspects of the job.
So while Joanne loves the job, one of her favorite things about Wachtel specifically is that the arborists’ ethics are held in higher standard than their craving for more business.
Joanne's favorite tree is the Prairie Fire Flowering Crabapple- Its burst of color after a dreary winter really makes it feel like spring!


Amanda Workman

Client Service Representative

Client Service Representative Amanda WorkmanAmanda Workman has been in the client relations industry for over 10 years and has developed a great passion for keeping her customers and coworkers happy. In addition to her extensive experience in customer relations she is very interested in film, media, and marketing. This combination makes her the perfect addition to our Wachtel Tree Science staff as CSR and marketing assistant.

She is currently working on her English major and a double minor in Film Studies and History at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. While her degree focuses on literature, culture and media, her love for the outdoors and the culture of Wachtel makes her feel right at home here.

Amanda has spent every summer since childhood camping with friends and family, and has grown a great appreciation for nature. She knew growing up that her ideal job would be the culmination of all her interests and passions: writing, helping customers, working with friends, and being outdoors.

Amanda’s favorite tree is the Sugar Maple because of the dramatic and beautiful color of the leaves in autumn.


Wachtel Tree Science Staff

Wachtel Tree Science Staff 2014

Name Service Start
Year Started
in Field
Degree Certified
Brian Anderson Jan-2003         Mechanic
Tony Arnoldi Jun-1985 1980 4 YR WI-0102B BCMA

Chief Diagnostician/
Master Arborist

Kyle Babicky Feb-2011 2010 4 YR WI-0889A CTSP

Certified Arborist

Colin Barnes Jul-2007         Mechanic
Dan Barwinski Oct-2006 2006 4 YR



Certified Arborist
Jon Budish Aug-2016         Arborist Trainee
Ron (RJ) Busch Feb-2012 2012

4 YR


  Certified Arborist
Patrick Conrad May-2016 2008       Certified Arborist
Janet Doss May-1990 1990 4 YR


  Plant Health Care Manager
Joanne Edmundson April-2013 2013 2 YR     Office Manager
Chelsea Feil May-2016   4 YR     Seasonal Arborist Trainee
Jean Ferdinandsen Feb-2003 1976 Masters



Certified Arborist

Christopher Frankulin


2012 4 YR WI-0984A
 CTSP Certified Arborist
John Gall Mar-2002





Municipal Specialist/
Certified Arborist

Keith Glaznap Apr-2007 1998 4 YR



Certified Arborist

Ron Gumz Feb-2006 1999 4 YR



Vice President
Master Arborist

Cody Hagfors May-2015         Seasonal Arborist Trainee
Reid Hundertmark May-2016   4 YR     Arborist Trainee
Brent Kahn Nov-2001 1987 2 YR WI-0302A   Tree & Landscape Manager
Allison Kassel July-2015   4 YR     Certified Arborist
Mike Klein Aug-1989 1989   WI-0306A   Certified Arborist
Jake Kubisiak Dec-2012 1995 4 YR IL-1392A  

Certified Arborist

Paul Markworth Mar-1994 1969 4 YR WI-0153B
Master Arborist
Mary Pederson Jan-2016   4 YR   Certified Arborist
Bill Reichenbach Jul-2008 1979 4 YR WI-0188A  

Senior Plantsman/
Certified Arborist

Ben Reince Jan-2003 2003 4 YR WI-0610A CTSP

Vice President
Certified Arborist
Safety Coordinator

Ryan Rodefer May-2010 2008 4 YR WI-0883A CTSP  Certified Arborist
Ty Roznowski Aug-2016         Facilities Maintenance Asst.
Dave Scharfenberger Mar-1994 1975 4 YR WI-0131B ASCA
Master Arborist
Paul Scharfenberger Jul-1997 2002 4 YR WI-0841A   Certified Arborist
Nathan Schuettpelz May-2010 2009 4 YR WI-0887AM

Municipal Specialist/
Certified Arborist

Jessica Schultz Jan-2017   4 YR     Certified Arborist
Jeff Schulz Apr-1990 1988 4 YR WI-0288A   Certified Arborist
Alec Schuppel Oct-2013 2013 4 YR     Arborist Trainee
Gary Stanwood May-1994 1979 Masters WI-0572A   Certified Arborist/Seasonal
Tom Steele May-2014
4 YR WI-1106A  CTSP Certified Arborist
Luke Volbrecht Nov-2013 2012 2 YR WI-1112A    Certified Arborist
Megan Whelan May-2015   4 YR     Accounting Specialist 
Jeff Wilson Mar-2007 1975 4 YR IL-0099A   Owner/President/
Certified Arborist
Amanda Workman March-2014

    Client Service Representative
Holly Zart June-2013 1999 4 YR WI-1023A   Certified Arborist

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