Dear Staff of Wachtel Tree Science:

Allow me please to describe our recent experience with the staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Compassionate, understanding, warm, sincere, friendly genuinely are interested in the health and love of trees, truly listen to the customers words, concerns, not just hear but truly listen with their hearts, courteous respectful of property, knowledgeable and share that knowledge with their customers, offer realistic hope, options to save our tree, care for our tree and maintain a healthy tree,

Allow me to back up my words.

Ellen was my first contact with Wachtel Tree Science.  She greeted me by name, listened to my words and concerns for my tree with her heart, validated my feelings, and conveyed warmth and friendly customer service that built an immediate trusting relationship.  Ellen compassionately guided me through the process to get the help for my tree that I needed.  In my heart, I knew immediately I found help and hope and would be a partner in the hope of perhaps saving a tree I grew up with.

On May 7, 2012, we met with Jeffrey Hagfors: he conveyed genuine sincere love and knowledge of trees, compassion and understanding of my hope to save a tree I grew up with.  He listened with his heart and provided options and choices, to perhaps save our tree, care for our tree and maintain a healthy tree.  Jeffrey took the time to explain what to expect-deep root fertilization of the tree that would give my tree a chance to build a healthy root system before the pruning of a major limb of our tree.  Wachtel would in the Fall remove dead areas of the tree.  He went over the contract with patience and I trusted him and felt confident I was doing everything possible I could to save my tree.

A Gentleman arrived on May 21, 2012 to do the Deep Root Fertilizing of our tree.  He was friendly, warm, courteous and knowledgeable.  He took the time to explain how I needed to water the tree with one inch of water per week to effectively utilize the fertilizer for the tree... He also explained how the soil should look and feel when properly hydrated.  He was very respectful of the existing growing plant life as he carefully conducted the deep root fertilize throughout the perennial garden and entire periphery of the tree.

Wachtel Tree Science indeed provides complete customer service.  Without further contact over the summer, Ellen had set up the pruning of the tree with WE Energies of branches near the wires.  After this was complete, I did contact Ellen and true to her character, she listened to my words, and actually put me on hold for a short time while she physically walked over to a schedule board to get the necessary information I was requesting.  This is truly customer service.  So often with many businesses they take a message and say they will get back to me and then hang up and never get back to me so I have to keep calling.  Ellen is customer oriented.

On September 19, 2012, three gentlemen arrived promptly on time and professionally began the technical process of removing the dead portion of our tree.  They work as an efficient team with each member of the team clearly and professionally did their part individual part of the complete job.  When I asked them not to drive the chipper and truck onto the driveway, they respectfully and immediately moved the equipment onto the street.  They treated the property with respect, carefully trying to remove all debris, dead branches without harming existing shrubs.  Then men were very friendly, courteous and clearly and genuinely love trees.  They even took the time to explain what to look for in the Spring.

I hope perhaps in some small way you have a glimpse into our feelings and gratitude.

On behalf of my mother and myself, our heartfelt thanks for your compassionate love of tree, understanding and care of my maple tree.

Perhaps it can best be understood when we say that Wachtel Tree Science is our first and only choice now and in the future for the care of all our trees.

Please contact me in the spring for deep root fertilizing of our trees and further services.


Mary Rose Schroeder

Wauwatosa, Wi

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