Fall Tree Care Very Helpful after Summer's Heat Stress

Heat Stress

This has been a tough summer for trees. The extended periods of extreme heat that we have experienced this year have stressed some trees and made them more susceptible to problems.

High temperatures can have a detrimental effect on trees growing in tough sites or those with damaged vascular systems. Trees cool themselves through transpiration, a process where water is released from the leaves as water vapor. This is similar to the way we transpire water to cool our bodies when we sweat. As temperatures rise, water vapor is released through small pores in leaf surfaces. Even though trees have mechanisms to regulate water loss, water can evaporate from the leaves faster than it can be replaced. Even with sufficient soil moisture, trees and shrubs with limited/unhealthy root systems can struggle to move enough water. Lack of available water to trees and shrubs in hot areas often results in scorched, dead or wilted leaves.

Fall tree care will be very helpful this year. A great deal of root growth occurs in the fall. Practices that promote root development will go a long way to protecting their long-term health. Help your trees begin to recover as they head into winter. Call our office today to schedule a property tour.

Submitted by Jeff Wilson

Certified Arborist #IL0099A

Wachtel Tree Science

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