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Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, friends and loved ones.  Gathering around the dinner table, we enjoy the bountiful feast prepared by the family chefs.  We enjoy exciting football (Go Pack) and holiday parades. We give thanks for all of our blessings and wish for you and your family to have a wonderful and safe Holiday.

For a bit of fun this week we would like to share a few trivia questions/answers on Thanksgiving.  You might want to check these out.  I tested myself and was surprised how little I knew about Thanksgiving and its traditions.


1. When was the first Thanksgiving celebration?
    A.  1492
    B.  1567
    C.  1621
    D.  1777

2. What Native American tribe celebrated the first Thanksgiving     with the colonists?
     A.  The Wampanoag tribe
     B.  The Sioux tribe
     C.  The Choctaw tribe
     D.  The Arapaho tribe  

3.  Approximately what percentage of American homes eats turkey on Thanksgiving?
     A.  49%
     B.  67%
     C.  82%
     D.  90%

4.  Which US president specified that Thanksgiving would fall on the last Thursday of November? 
     A.  Andrew Jackson
     B.  Abraham Lincoln
     C.  Martin Van Buren
     D.  William H. Taft

5.  Can wild turkeys fly? 
     A.   Yes, up to 25 mph
     B.   Yes, up to 40 mph
     C.   Yes, up to 55 mph
     D.   No

6.  What is a female turkey called? 
     A.   A rooster
     B.   A cuckoo
     C.   A hen
     D.  A chick

7.  What is a male turkey called?
     A.  A larry
     B.  A tom
     C.  A harry
     D. A rooster

Trivia Answers:

1.  c , 2. a, 3. d, 4. b, 5. c, 6. c, 7. b

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