Tree Consultation Services Overview

By Nathan Schuettpelz, Certified Arborist WI-0887AM

An Overview of our Consulting Services

When we think of a Consulting Arborist, we think of a professional who visits a site and provides advice. While this is very true, there is so much more that we have to offer as consulting arborists!

As consulting arborists working with communities, we can assist you from the very beginning by helping write grant applications for exciting new projects! We will work with you side by side to identify your goals and develop solutions to get you there. Whether it is a review of your community’s tree ordinances, planning a street and parks tree inventory, or writing a complete Urban Forest Management plan, we will be there to help you. If your community needs expertise to manage their urban forest but simply cannot hire a new full-time employee, we can help with that as well. 

Currently we serve 3 communities as part-time interim Community Foresters. We provide our services to these communities on a limited time basis to help direct forestry operations and serve as representatives of the department while handling resident tree inspection requests.

As a residential property owner, our consulting arborists can provide a great service to you as well. Before you make decisions on how to manage your property, you need to know what you have. Our property tree inventories will provide you with the information of what trees are on your property, what management is needed, and what potential opportunities are available for your property. Additionally, we can provide an annual monetary value of the environmental benefits that your trees provide!

Here at Wachtel Tree Science, our consulting arborists have the education and experience to inspect that questionable looking tree on your property. Utilizing the latest training and highly technical, specialized equipment we can perform a complete risk assessment of the tree and the surrounding area. We can provide recommendations based on that assessment and your needs/wants.

Consulting Services Provided:

  • Grant Proposal Preparation  
  • Community Tree Inventory Planning and Analysis
  • Urban Forest Management Strategies 
  • Pest-response Plan Writing and Implementation
  • Tree Ordinance Review and Writing
  • Urban Forestry Projects Contract Writing and Oversight
  • Tree Risk Assessment using (TRAQ) procedures
  • Resistograph Analyses
  • Tree Preservation Plan Writing and Implementation
  • Site Evaluations
  • Interim Village Forester
Contact our Wachtel Certified Arborists today for your residential or municipal tree consultation needs. 

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