Urgent Tree Care Notice: Watering

Tree Watering Notice:

As the tree service Milwaukee trusts, we would like you to know that the current dry conditions in Southeast Wisconsin are creating a threat to your tree(s) health.  Under these conditions, tree systems shut down. Your tree’s water uptake and photosynthesis are reduced and fine roots are at risk of dying. We want your trees to stay healthy and beautiful year round, no matter the weather, so we’ve outlined a few tips on how to keep you trees strong and healthy through this dry spell:

  • Tree Watering Notice for WisconsinWhen it comes to watering, a good rule of thumb is that your trees receive the equivalent of one inch of water per week. If nature does not provide enough, you will need to supply the supplemental water.
  • Check soil moisture often by putting your finger into the soil 2-4” deep. If it feels dry, it is time to water; if it is moist, hold off on watering but check again soon.
  • Water widely beneath the tree once per week to help the tree retain roots and maintain its life functions.
  • Water thoroughly and deeply and understand that roots grow out like spokes on a wheel – water 360 degrees around the base of the plant, soaking the entire root ball.
  • Irrigation systems are designed to water turf grass. Do not depend upon irrigation systems to properly water your trees and landscape plantings.
Contact our Wachtel Certified Arborists today for more information on keeping your trees healthy and beautiful year round. 

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