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Insects, Disease and Diagnosis

Oak wilt in Shorewood

The methods our Wisconsin plant health care specialists use are designed with your trees well-being and long-term health in mind. Our methods preserve beneficial insects and limit spraying through the use of careful PHC management, tree trunk and soil injections. At Wachtel, we place high value on the science of tree care in Wisconsin. We only treat what is needed based on insect and disease life cycles with narrowly focused and targeted applications. 

Site inspections and problem diagnosis:

Our Wisconsin tree service provides thorough site inspections to identify and diagnose plant health issues. The certified arborists at Wachtel Tree Science have the experience to provide effective treatment options for your sick trees. Treatments range from soil systemic insecticides, spray programs and trunk injections to site ammendment and girdling root excavation. 

Contact our Wisconsin tree care experts today for a plant health care assessment and diagnosis.

Soil systemic insecticides (insect control with no spraying or trunk wounding):

Emerald Ash Borer in Racine
EAB in Wisconsin

Spray programs - based on insect life cycle and growing degree days (GDD):

  • Tent caterpillars, gypsy moth, inchworms, etc.
  • Zimmerman pine moth and other borers
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Preventative disease treatments (apple scab, hawthorn apple rust)
  • Anti-desiccant (to reduce winter injury to evergreens)
  • Conifer disease treatments
  • Dormant oil

Brookfield tree trunk injectionsTrunk injections:

  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Oak Wilt
  • Boring insects
  • Nutrients

Site amendments/amelioration

  • Specialized fertilizer mixes (including high percentage of slow release N for longevity) and organic fertilizer
  • Correction of iron and other nutrient deficiencies
  • Mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi that grow with and increase roots capacity)
  • Vertical mulching/radial trenching for soil compaction problems
  • Air spade root collar and root zone excavations
  • Compost teas, adds life to soil

Growth regulators:

  • Reduce shoot growth and encourage growth of absorption root growth
  • Stabilize declining trees

Girdling (strangling) root removal and after care:

Girdling roots in Wisconsin
girdling tree roots

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Specialized Services:

  • Urban Forest Management
  • Tree Preservation Planning Involving Wooded Sites
  • Corporate Campus Tree Mapping & Assessment

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