Science-Based Tree Care

Wachtel Tree Science has been keeping trees healthy and beautiful with the highest quality care since 1935 throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. We utilize the most advanced technology and best practices which provides your trees with the highest level of tree care. From plant health care services like disease and pest management, to detail-focused tree and landscape services like pruning and planting, our Certified Arborists are highly experienced in every aspect of tree care. Our goal is to consistently address our client’s tree and shrub concerns, create a custom service plan, and execute that plan with safety and accuracy.

Our plant health care treatments are based on insect or disease life cycles for proper timing which provides focused management rather than a calendar based cover spray, or a “spray everything” approach. Our approach limits spraying and preserves beneficial insects by focusing treatments at the time when control of an insect or disease can be most effective. This method integrates many different types of management including preventive care, correct cultural practices, pruning, biological, injection, chemical, site modifications, planting, and possibly even removal. Proper pruning, careful removal work, and an eye for detail throughout the entire process are important to our crews.

The Story of Wachtel Tree Science

Our commitment has always been to provide outstanding service to customers and focus 100% on the safety of our employees. Founded by Larry Wachtel, Wachtel Tree Science is the oldest tree care company in Wisconsin. Upon opening in 1935, Larry knew the importance of providing professional, friendly service early in his career and Wachtel continues to provide just that. The ever-changing environment in Wisconsin provides the need for expert tree care service. With over 80 years’ experience, Wachtel Tree Science provides unmatched advice to any problem your tree may be having. From plant health care and fertilization to disease treatment and insect control, our arborists have extensive training not only in their craft, but Wachtel provides training to ensure the ultimate safety of our employees.

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Arborist Safety Training and Education

Wachtel Tree Science is not just another statistic when it comes to safety. The tree industry has one of the highest annual rate of accidents per hour worked according to OSHA. This is why we work tirelessly to provide safety training for our employees. This includes weekly safety meetings, an employee-run safety committee, top-notch safety equipment, and First Aid & CPR training to name a few. Our employees understand that safety rules and best practices are ever-changing and the importance of continually evaluating current safety processes to continue to protect both employees and customers alike. In the past five years we have received 6 safety awards from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association, two Safety Awards from the Tree Care Industry Association and five awards from the Wisconsin Safety Council.

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Our Tree Care Professionals

From day 1 of Wachtel Tree Science, we have put an extreme emphasis on commitment to our customers by ensuring our staff is ready for whatever job they take on. They are prepared with the right equipment to provide knowledgeable recommendations of how you can create a beautifully landscaped home or business. When it comes to tree care, we do whatever it takes to save your tree and maintain the beauty and shade that it provides your home and landscape. Our staff is highly encouraged to continue their education to grow their expertise and provide customers the best service available in the market. Every one of our staff is considered part of the Wachtel family. We support and encourage one another, help out wherever is needed, and share the same goals for our customers. This makes working for Wachtel that much more enjoyable.

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Our Certifications

See the full list of our certifications and the benefits they provide to our customers. Our goal in maintaining these certifications is to provide you with up to date tree care services that you can trust and rely on to keep your trees beautiful and healthy. We keep our standards high so we are able to continue to provide unmatched service to homeowners and business owners in Wisconsin.

  • 5 ISA Board Certified Master Arborists
  • 29 ISA Certified Arborists
  • 1 ISA Municipal Specialist
  • 6 TCIA Certified Tree Safety Professionals
  • Combined Experience of Over 500 Years
For each certification we have received, we've broken down what it represents. Take a look and you'll see what makes us different.

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Let’s Get Social

Check out updates on what our certified arborists have been up to in your communities. We’re always sharing new information about the tree and plant care industry including seasonal changes, warning signs, tips for planting and pruning, and interesting facts. With the differing Wisconsin environment, there is always something new happening and things to watch for. We are here to keep you informed so you can keep up a spectacular curb appeal. If you’re more into the beauty of nature, we’re always sharing beautiful photos of trees and plants we come across. Take a look at a few of our latest posts and let's get social! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to stay connected.

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Service Area Arborist Locator

Meet the Board Certified Arborists that are serving your area. Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin have been trusting Wachtel Tree Science since 1935 for tree care, plant health care, tree pruning, and consultation services. Our Certified Arborists are trained to serve commercial properties, municipal requests, or residential tree and plant services. Take a look at our rep locator to find the local arborist to accommodate what you are looking for. Our tree specialists are not only educated in the craft of tree and plant health, but we take safety precautions to a whole new level. With weekly safety meetings, an employee-run safety committee, and up-to-date safety equipment we can assure you we are well prepared to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff.

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Tree Service Customer Testimonials

Don't just take it from us! See what our loyal customers are saying about Wachtel Tree Science. Homeowners and Business owners from all over Southeastern Wisconsin are here to tell you their stories and experiences with Wachtel. With tree health, our #1 priority is to preserve your tree for years to come. Cutting it down is our absolute last resort. Our Certified arborists have experience with both tree and plant diseases and pests. View comments about the type of tree or plant services they received as well as the customer service experience they had with the Wachtel Arborists.

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