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A Thank You from Wachtel Tree Science for Your Support

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This is the time of giving thanks; and all of us here at Wachtel Tree Science want to take this time to thank you all! Whether you called us for a consult, we came to plant, brace, prune, or perform a root collar excavation on your tree, or you just regularly follow our blog and social media, we owe you a tremendous amount of thanks.

A quote of thanks from a homeowner: “You had a crew that came out recently to work on my property and I just wanted to say that anytime we have work done, Wachtel always sends such good people! We love having Wachtel out to work on our trees.” – Kelly, Colgate, WI

Some of the events we partook in include Saluting Branches, Ronald McDonald House Tree Care, and WAA Kid’s Climb. We are extremely grateful for these opportunities to share our expertise.

A quote from one of our very own: “I have found a family of caring, driven, and intelligent people at Wachtel that value personal growth and safety very highly. Wachtel encourages me to become better and through their interactions with employees, clients, and the tree health care industry in general, raise the bar ow what’s to be expected of a company. I work for Wachtel because they go above and beyond.” – Sean Mack

Finally, a quote from our presidents: “We at Wachtel Tree Science are grateful for having the privilege to align with our clients who share a passion for trees and a desire to keep their trees healthy and beautiful. We are also grateful for being able to provide our clients with year-round enjoyment of the tree’s health care and landscapes’ health!”

Every day, as arborists, we get to cultivate, manage, and study the growth, success, and external factors threatening your trees. Our job is a job nonetheless, but it is also our passion. We pride ourselves in identifying a tree struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle, due to external factors, and turning that trees fate around to live another twenty to thirty years; or identifying girdling roots suffocating your tree and removing the hazard allowing your tree to breathe, or simply pruning your tree in preparation for the upcoming season to promote fresh and healthy growth. Every challenge we face allows us to learn, protect, and inform ourselves of the hazards facing the trees in Wisconsin.

So, as you’re sitting down at thanksgiving with your family, or celebrating the plethora of holidays coming up, think about us at Wachtel Tree Science as well. Because you allow us to continue to work and live our passion every day, which is why we’re thinking of you every time we step foot on a property or construction site.

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