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Your Trees Are Dormant In Winter – Our Arborists Are Not

Posted: October 16, 2017

Written by: Jeff Wilson, Certified Arborist IL-0099A

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Wachtel Tree Science works throughout the winter months. In fact, during the winter we perform many of our services. We prune and remove trees and shrubs, and even remove stumps. Winters are the ideal time to cable, and brace trees, install lightning protection, perform appraisals, consultations, and site inspections. With the exception of insect and disease management, trees in winter offer us an additional three months to perform our services.

Winter trees are an excellent time to work on the structure of trees. The benefits are frozen ground, dormant perennials, inactive gardens, and defoliated winter trees. The cold and sterile-like conditions of winter offer us the opportunity to prune winter trees and shrubs that are susceptible to, or under pressure from insect and disease problems. Trees that have the infectious fungal or bacterial disease can have these infected branches pruned out in the winter and greatly reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

Installing tree reinforcement in the winter actually may be easier for your Wachtel Arborist. They can identify weak branch structure, cavities, and decay better now that the tree’s leaves are not camouflaging these structural concerns. Installation of lightning protection when the leaves have all fallen off is easier. We can pinpoint multiple terminal locations easily.

We perform appraisals and consultations all winter. Winter tree value can be determined with or without leaves. A tailor-made management plan, created with goals in mind for a homeowner, golf course superintendents, and municipalities. There are a number of benefits to having plans in place before spring arrives.

Yes, Wachtel works on trees in winters. Call your Wachtel Tree Science Certified Arborist today so you don’t miss out on the opportunities winter trees bring.

The Importance of In-Person Tree Diagnoses

We hear this question all the time: “Can you tell me what’s wrong with my tree over the phone?” Asking for a tree care diagnosis over the phone may seem plausible, but it would be much like calling your own doctor and asking them for a physical over the phone. While an arborist may be able to recognize some of the symptoms you’re describing, the real tree problem may not be immediately noticeable. In order to effectively assess a winter tree’s condition and its needs, your Certified Arborist should be on-site to view the tree. Fall is a great time to look at winter trees! Call our office to arrange a property tour with your Certified Arborist.

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