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Decorating Trees for Trick-or-Treating

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A SPOOKY event, such as Trick-or-Treating calls for several spooky components – a spooky type of candy, a spooky costume, and a spooky home facade. Spooky home facades can be attained without compromising the integrity of your home or your trees. We, at Wachtel Tree Science have some ideas to spruce your trees up for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

Hang Decorations from Branches



Hanging decorations from branches is one of the easiest tasks when it comes to decorating a tree. Consider making or purchasing your own cobwebs, bats, or even ghosts. Once you have these decorations, a simple piece of yarn will suffice for holding these decorations in place without hurting your tree. Yarn will also create a flying/hanging effect for your decorations and protect the longevity of the branches.

A suggestion for making your own cobwebs is picking up fallen sticks in your yard and creating something similar to the image to the left.



Strap Decorations Around Your Tree

Oftentimes, popular Halloween decorations encompass signs nailed to trees, manikins, such as witches, and various other decorations are adhered to trees. We cannot stress enough how nailing something to your tree is detrimental to its overall health. Instead, we recommend finding decorations with a strap to go around the tree, use some yarn, or duct tape the sticky sides of the tape together and make your own strap.

Manikins on the side of your tree, signs saying, “beware of monsters, spiders, dragons, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, witches, skeletons, and vampires,” and hands or eyes coming off the tree are always recommended to add decorative appeal to your tree.

A big craze when it comes to Halloween decorations are stringy spiderwebs. These spiderwebs are a great resource for a quick decoration that will not negatively affect your tree.

Place Decorations in Branches or Foliage

Occasionally, using yarn and strapping aren’t always the best way to arrange decorations. Decorations can just be placed in, or on branches and foliage.

For instance, purchasing two large white inflatable balls, painting a black circle on each, and placing them next to one another creates two eyes. These eyes can be placed on branches near each other, or within a bush that can hold them. Similarly, manikins can be placed so it appears they are stuck in the foliage. This provides a simple solution that your trees will thank you for.

Trick-or-Treating is one component of the Spooky season of Halloween. Go all out, decorate your yard, your home, and your trees, but be sure to protect your trees when considering what decorations to contribute to your landscape. As always, if you have any questions this spooky season about safely decorating your tree, contact a certified arborist here at Wachtel Tree Science, and we will be sure to assist you.

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