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The Science in Wachtel Tree Science

Posted: October 16, 2017

Written by: Jeff Wilson, Certified Arborist IL-0099A

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The term “science” has always been in our name, and you may have wondered why. Science is a process of inquiry that allows us to test our ideas of how things might actually work. Without science, our world would be a very different place. Science has been used to land a man on the moon and cure deadly diseases. Science is a tool of human thought that allows us to observe things in a rigorous, ordered way.

At Wachtel, we apply the science of trees to our analysis of your trees’ health. A simple thing like growing a healthy tree is infinitely more complex than it may appear. Imagine two trees of the same species planted in the same front lawn at the same time. After a period of time, observation may show us that one tree is much taller or has a greater diameter than the other. We apply the science of trees and historical knowledge to produce a theory of why one tree is bigger than the other. It may be that they are a different age, or one was watered and the other wasn’t, or one has a girdling root, and so on….

Science and the scientific process allow us to remove or control some of these variables and test the theory. This in turn allows us to focus on the most needed issues for your tree care and give you the best possible results, whether it’s through pruning (a science of trees and art) or plant health care (PHC).

Arboriculture needs more science. At Wachtel, we have years’ worth of experience and observation, but the science of trees is the best way to make sense of and use our experience. As someone once suggested to me, would you prefer the medical knowledge and care of a hundred years ago, or of the present? The same applies to tree care.

You may also wonder why “service” does not appear in our name anymore. To be honest, our name was quite a mouthful when answering the phone or introducing ourselves. Service is the first and foremost thing we continue to strive for throughout the company. In fact, we’ve compiled the most educated and skilled staff in the state.

So next time you call Wachtel Tree Science, you’ll get a great service, and the science of trees to give you the best tree care. This is something we’ve done for over 80 years.

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