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How Spring Fertilization Makes A Difference

Posted: April 25, 2019

Written by: Wachtel Tree Science

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In a previous blog, Planning to Fertilize Your Trees for Spring, we briefly touched on what spring tree fertilization is and what’s included in our tree fertilization services. But what are the benefits of fertilization and why is it crucial for your trees and shrubs?

Places with several trees, such as a forest, have soil jam-packed with nutrients. However, places like yards (that are considered an artificial habitat) only have a small number of natural nutrients. Spring fertilization helps trees and shrubs in areas that have lower levels of provided nutrients.

Tree Fertilization for Healthy Growth

Having proper nutrients promotes overall growth. While this may seem obvious, it’s absolutely the truth when dealing with trees and shrubs. When the proper tree fertilizing is done early in the year, trees get a head start on growing. Continuing throughout the year with periodic tree fertilization helps with ensuring mineral elements never see a deficiency, enabling your trees to reach their full landscape.

Tree Fertilization for Pest and Disease Control

Fertilization early in the year is used to provide trees with the nutrients they lack during the dormant season. Without the proper nutrients, trees become vulnerable to spring attacks – from both diseases and pests. When nutrient levels are where they should be, trees are prepared to defend themselves. Think of all of the nutrients a human being needs in order to remain in a healthy state. When our bodies lack the necessary nutrients, we too are susceptible to illness.

Please note that there are some additional treatments that can be done to further prevent the strongest diseases and pests from taking over your trees.

Schedule Your Tree Fertilization

While early spring is an ideal time to fertilize your trees, Wachtel Tree Science uses specialized fertilizers that can be applied at any time. Our tree fertilizers help ensure the proper supplementation of iron and other required nutrients while promoting longevity.

Getting connected with one of Wachtel Tree Science’s certified arborists is easy and convenient. Give us a call at (262) 538-1900 or contact us today to get started with fertilizing your trees!

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