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Planning to Fertilize Your Trees for Spring

Posted: January 18, 2019

Written by: Wachtel Tree Science

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Though winter in Wisconsin is known to last what feels like forever, spring is closer than you think. When your trees and shrubs begin to awaken from their dormant stages, they’re going to be in need of nutrition. Beginning towards the end of March through the month of April, attending to the soil that surrounds your trees and shrubs can help them receive the nutrition they’re starving for.

Providing your trees with the nutrients they need to thrive and grow has several benefits. With a sufficient amount of nutrients, your trees can reach their full landscape potential. Not only will this make their appearance stand out but also enhance the appearance of your home or business. In addition, having the proper amount of nutrients equip your trees to be able to fight off attacks from both pests and diseases. Lastly, proper nutrition will enable your trees and shrubs to live their longest lives.

As we approach the spring season, now’s the perfect time to schedule a property inspection. Upon arrival, our certified arborists will inspect both the condition of your trees and the soil that surrounds them. Being able to identify the degree of fertilization needed will allow us to develop a customized fertilization plan that your trees will benefit the most from. Our process includes:

  • Specialized spring fertilizers mixed with slow-release components for longevity
  • Supplementation of nutrients to compensate for deficiencies like iron
  • Increased root growth and capacity through beneficial fungi
  • Added soil life through compost teas
  • Radial trenching and vertical mulching to address soil compaction issues

Start Planning for Spring Fertilization with Wachtel Tree Science

Start planning for spring tree fertilization today by contacting Wachtel Tree Science’s team of professionals. We’ll begin planning a timeline to make sure our spring tree fertilization services take effect in time for the season. Visit our spring tree fertilization service for additional information on how we can help!

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