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Summer Tree Care Tips

Posted: June 18, 2018

Written by: Wachtel Tree Science

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There’s something about relaxing in the backyard with friends, family, and food during a warm, summer day. Green grass and lively trees really set the stage for the perfect home outing. However, not preparing your trees and shrubs for the summer can result in a less-enjoyable scene. As summer approaches, there are a few maintenance steps that can be taken to meet the vision you have for your yard while ensuring proper health. The best part? Wachtel can assist in implementing the steps needed for the perfect landscape.

Tip #1 – Mulching

While mulching is recommended during spring, the beginning of summer tree care is still a great time to get it done. Not only does mulching add to the appearance, but it limits weed invasions, controls the temperatures of the soil, and conserves necessary moisture. Trees typically should be surrounded with three to four inches of mulch and not be mounded against the trunk to avoid insect and disease problems.

Tip #2 – Watering

Summers in Wisconsin can deliver temperatures above 100 degrees. Especially during dry conditions, trees require one to two inches of water per week. If watering is necessary, summer tree care should consist of heavier applications of water on a less frequent basis which will benefit root growth and the overall tree health.

Tip #3 – Fertilization

Leaf and shoot growth is the result of a tree with proper nutrition. Fertilizing the soil – especially in areas where natural growth is scarce – will boost nutrition needed for growth as well as keep pests and diseases from infiltrating.

Tip #4 – Pruning

Though the bulk of pruning happens during the dormant season, summer tree care trimming can sometimes be necessary. Branches that are damaged, dead or diseased should be pruned out immediately for the health of the tree and for safety reasons. Additionally, trees that are late bloomers and flowers during Spring also benefit from early summer tree care pruning.

Tip #5 – Storm Damage Preparation

Damaging winds and strong thunderstorms happen primarily in the summer season. Protecting your property from falling tree limbs requires a certified arborist. They will evaluate the safety of your large trees and either brace or cable the limbs that appear weak.

Tip #6 – Pest and Disease Inspection

Several tree pests and diseases arise more commonly during summer. Examining trees for pests and diseases keeps you a step ahead of the game – resulting in the ability to control potential issues before they become out of hand. Certified arborists are able to determine whether a pest or disease has started to take over your trees. Contact us about our pest control and disease control services today.

Partner With A Wachtel Tree Science Arborist

Planning and executing the above services can be done by partnering up with Wachtel Tree Science’s experienced team. Our certified arborists will not only examine the current state of your trees but also recommend and implement the steps needed to keep your trees strong, healthy, and attractive for the summer tree care season. Get in contact with us today to complete your summer tree care checklist today!

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