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Planting a Tree in Remembrance of Someone Special

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The feeling of physical heartache after the death of a loved one is one that does not go away easily. Often, the family is gifted with flowers, cards, or homecooked meals. These are thoughtful gestures in the moment, but how can the memory of the deceased be memorialized? Planting a tree in honor of the one we loved can not only stand as a physical reminder of the memory of the deceased but can also aid in the grieving process. This living tribute will stand as a reminder to future generations of the memory of those since passed.

Upon your decision to plant a living tribute, it is important to select the right tree to match the personality of the one you loved. Size, bloom, and tree type should all be considered in this process. Here are some things to consider.

Trees to Plant for Blooming Spring Flowers

While the Sugar Maple, Beech, Birch, and Red Pine take up a vast majority of our states tree population, there are an immense variety of trees suitable for the Wisconsin climate that bloom beautifully in the Spring. Blooming Trees include:

The Red Buckeye – attracts Hummingbirds with their blush-red flowers.

The Eastern Redbud – has bright lavender flowers and heart shaped leaves.

The Kousa Dogwood – produces raspberry-like fruits with flowers varying from white, pink, and red.

The Carolina Silverbell – has hanging small white bell-shaped flowers.

The Cucumbertree Magnolia (‘Butterflies’) – attracts butterflies with their radiant-yellow flowers.

The Flowering Crabapple – the finest flowering ornamental tree in the Midwest, blooming white, pink or even red.

Trees to Plant to Match Someone’s Personality

Going back to Wisconsin’s most popular trees, the Sugar Maple, Beech, Birch, and Red Pine, all have characteristics that can be personified.

Sugar Maples, and maples in general are a sign of strength and endurance. Tolerating everything with the willingness to pursue and endure regardless of the outcome, this tree should be planted for your loved one that handled versatility with grace.

Beech trees are a sign of knowledge and wisdom. The Beech uses their acquired knowledge throughout life to attract creativity in endeavors moving forward. The Beech should be planted for those who use the past as a guide, but continually engage the optimistic reality of the future.

Birch trees are a sign of adaptability and intuition. Continually igniting thoughts and desires to the environments around them, this tree should be planted for someone who never stopped challenging and changing the environment around them.

Red Pines, and pines in general are a sign of courage and optimism. Rationally assigning a life goal, and sticking to that goal, the pine should be planted for someone who never steered clear of their desired path, and always stuck to it.

Tree tributes are not limited to humans alone, consider your deceased pets when planting trees, as they carry personalities as well.

A Space to Enjoy

Trees can inspire those around them to continue to grow and adapt, much like the tree itself. Through caring and watching this tree grow, you can gain a sense of satisfaction for watching something planted through tragedy result in something so beautiful.

Consider planting your tree tribute in a place that will be accessed often such as a backyard, or a local park. To further enforce the purpose of the tree, place a bench, or an engraved stone at its base. The placement of the tree and the physical additions around the tree will foster recognition and continual memory.

This continual memory can be enjoyed while sitting in the shaded area provided by the tree reading, enjoying a picnic, watching someone on the tire swing, or continually caring for your tree through watering.

So, if you’ve recently lost a loved one or beloved pet, and want to remember them for years to come, contact a certified arborist to plant a tree in their memory.

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