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Are You Still Considering Planting Trees in Spring?

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A few months ago, we wrote an article talking about why you should plant trees on your property this coming spring. As a quick refresher, we highlighted four specific reasons for planting trees in spring:

  • They contribute to the environment
  • They contribute to social situations
  • They contribute to the economy
  • They contribute to our health

Simply put, trees protect us from CO2, provide security for people, can increase the property value of your home or business, and can even lower depression. Those reasons alone are fantastic reasons to consider planting trees this spring. As we approach spring, we’ll be starting to book property inspections and begin drafting up plans for planting. In case you’re still on the fence about planting, let us share with you a couple of other reasons why you could plant a tree this season.

An Activity with your Children

Planning on living in your home while your children grow up? Having a tree or two planted while they’re still young will allow them to grow up and see the change in their childhood yard they played in as kids. In the same way, you get to see your children grow, they will get to see their childhood trees grow.

A Memorial for Someone or Something

A tree is a perfect memorial. Trees can be planted in memory of someone or in celebration of something, such as an anniversary or birthday. They can be used as a symbol of courage and carry forward the name of those remembered in a living way or honor a time in life that means the most to you.

Get Started Planting Trees in Spring

At Wachtel Tree Science, our certified arborists go above and beyond in planting trees in spring. The conversation starts with your “why?” From there, we make tree species recommendations based on your property and what you envision. Because the planting process can vary by species, we have an extensive technique that will ensure proper planting, no matter the space or type of tree.

Our tree planting service goes beyond planting. Once your tree(s) are planted, we continue to help them grow through science-based planting aftercare customized specifically for your property. To learn more or get started with our planting services, please visit our tree and shrub planting service or contact us today!

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