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Why You Should Plant Trees Next Spring

Posted: November 9, 2018

Written by: Wachtel Tree Science

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If you’ve been thinking about planting one or multiple trees on your property, let us grow your interest even further. Trees can enhance a person’s quality of life while providing benefits to the environment around them. Here’s why you should consider moving forward with your idea to plant:

Reason #1: They contribute to the environment – the environment benefits significantly from trees. They trap CO2, reduce ozone levels, reduce urban runoff and erosion, absorb sound while reducing noise pollution and also provide shade to many areas susceptible to direct sunlight.

Reason #2: They contribute to social situations – there are many social benefits of trees. They provide privacy and security, reduce noise in high-traffic areas, contribute to the appearance of a specific area and can directly lower an area’s crime-rate. Not to mention provide shade for people socializing outdoors.

Reason #3: They contribute to the economy – trees benefit our economy drastically. Property value rises due to the improvement of appearance and temperatures are lowered in areas with lots of trees, which means heating and cooling costs are reduced. Studies have also shown that trees lower the automobile accident rate, protecting human lives and avoiding city damage.

Reason #4: They contribute to our health – that’s right. Trees impact a person’s health. For example, areas planted with trees encourage people to be more active outdoors. Trees also filter pollutants like dust, ash and pollen from the air that can cause respiratory issues. Additionally, spending time around trees has directly lowered levels of anxiety, anger and depression.

It’s no question that there are more benefits in planting trees than there are risks. The planning process can take some time, but fortunately, fall is the perfect season to start planning for spring planting! It’s important to also consider the type of tree (or shrub) for your space and also the best location for planting. That’s where partnering with Wachtel Tree Science comes in.

With several years’ experience in planting, our team of experts can identify and implement the tasks needed to plant a tree or shrub successfully. Not only do we provide expert tree selection advice, but we follow the proper planting techniques and develop a science-based custom health care plan for planting aftercare. Visit our tree and shrub planting service page or contact us today to get started today!

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