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As an employee with Wachtel Tree Science, you know that you are part of a team with over 80 years experience. We take your safety and our client’s safety seriously and provide continuing education opportunities to our employees. This allows us to provide quality services with hard-to-beat customer service and expertise.

See more details on our culture and dedication to education. If you know Wachtel would benefit having you as an employee, we’d love to hear from you!

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Join Our Team of Certified Arborists

Wachtel Tree Science is always looking for genuine, hard-working employees to join our team. We are focused 100% providing the best service possible while ensuring the safety of our employees and our clients. If you've done your research and you feel that Wachtel Tree Science would be a good fit for you, we'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little bit about your related experience, points of interest, and upload your resume and we'll connect if we'd like to learn more about you. We'll take a look at your certifications, qualifications, experience, etc. and see if there is an open position that would be the right fit for you.

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Our Culture

We live in the same communities as you so we understand the importance of what your property means to you. We will do everything we can to keep your property looking beautiful as if it were our own home or business. We place high standards in every employee and encourage everyone to continue to learn and grow within the industry. This includes learning new technology and best practices, safety standards, and continuing education opportunities. Being an Arborist for Wachtel Tree Science means being a part of a team that is dedicated to our communities, to the safety of each other and our customers, and providing honest, professional service.

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Dedication to Education

As an employee with Wachtel, you can expect to be pushed to the next level to grow yourself in your career. We offer educational opportunities for nearly every aspect of your job. Being a part of the Wachtel team, you are encouraged to share your knowledge with others so we can continue to grow the company. For over 80 years we have always searched for the next opportunity in tree care. A lot has changed since 1935 and we know there will continue to be new opportunities to learn about tree health, plant care, Wisconsin environments, and pests & diseases. The only way to be able to continue to serve our customers for decades to come will be to stay on top of industry trends and always be willing to change and adapt.

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Client Testimonial

Thank you! I neglected to leave plastic sheeting to cover my new burning bush to protect it from the disease treatment for the crabapple but the arborist covered it for me. Thank you for being so conscientious!

​Cathy M. - Hartland​, WI