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Preparing Your Soil For Fall

Fall is a crucial time for tree care. Throughout the summer, trees endure a variety of different weather patterns – from high temperatures to strong storms. The effects of wind and heat can make trees weaker over time. Additionally, trees naturally use up their nutrients in order to survive against attacks from pests and diseases throughout the year…Continue Reading 

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Why Your Trees Aren’t Greener: Chlorosis in Trees

One aspect of the fall season many people look forward to is the changes in tree colors. Just before the temperatures drop, trees drop in chlorophyll in preparation for the winter months. However, sometimes color change can happen prematurely. While a drop in chlorophyll continues to be the reason for color change, it’s often a result of a tree dealing with a threat to its health…Continue Reading

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Why Fall Trunk Injections Are Important

While tree care varies on the time of year, there is no bad time to consider tree injections. Trunk injections introduce fertilizers and insecticides into the xylem of a tree using capsules. This ensures the tree is getting 100% of the materials they need without run off or leaching and the protection they deserve. When it comes to staying on top of tree disease and tree pests, fall tree injections are a must-take precaution…Continue Reading

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Signs Your Trees Need Watering

Wisconsin’s summer heat can be demanding on trees. Without adequate rainfall, trees won’t get the proper amount of water needed to promote healthy growth. Watering your trees by hand may be required if long seasons of drought take place. But how do you know when it’s time to water your trees? Fortunately, there are some signs you can look for to determine whether you should give your trees some water…Continue Reading

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The Science in Wachtel Tree Science

The term “science” has always been in our name, and you may have wondered why. Science is a process of inquiry that allows us to test our ideas of how things might actually work.

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Why Should I Care for My Trees?

Well what do you think? Do trees need our help? I was first introduced to this line of thinking early in my career as people would ask me, “Why do I need to treat my trees?”

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