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Trees to Plant for Shade

If you’re looking for a new tree to provide shade for you and your family, consider these varieties as relatively faster growing trees that can add a lot of natural beauty to your landscape. A couple things to remember before we begin: planting a tree in Wisconsin to shade your house from the sun requires placement...Continue Reading

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Top 10 Ash Tree Replacements for your Property

The emerald ash borer has claimed hundreds of trees throughout the state of Wisconsin. With its debut in August of 2008, Wachtel Tree Science’s certified arborists have spent the last decade working hard to treat ash trees in hopes to keep them both healthy and alive. However, without the proper treatment plans in place early on, an EAB infestation cannot be reversed easily...Continue Reading

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10 Trees in Wisconsin that Lure Wildlife

Wisconsin is known for its’ brave wildlife. If the property is landscaped properly, animals such as squirrels, birds, turkeys and deer can be spotted feeding, playing or resting from your window. As we approach the optimal time for planting, the spring season, check out our recommendations for trees that are sure to not only enhance the appearance of your landscapes but also attract wildlife...Continue Reading

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Still Considering Planting A Tree this Spring?

A few months ago, we wrote an article talking about why you should plant trees on your property this coming spring. Simply put, trees protect us from CO2, provide security for people, can increase the property value of your home or business and can even lower depression. Those reasons alone are fantastic reasons to consider planting this spring. As we approach spring, we’ll be starting to book...Continue Reading

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Why You Should Plant Trees Next Spring

If you’ve been thinking about planting one or multiple trees on your property, let us grow your interest even further. Trees can enhance a person’s quality of life while providing benefits to the environment around them. Here’s why you should consider moving forward with your idea to plant...Continue Reading

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Certified Arborist

Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to significant return. Healthy, attractive trees not only enhance the appearance of your property but add value as well.  However, properly maintaining the trees and shrubs around your residential or commercial property requires a certain level of expertise and plenty of time...Continue Reading

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Time For a New Tree?

When I am meeting with clients, I am often asked “Do you plant trees?” The answer is a resounding yes! There are many reasons why people tend to ask this question and are looking to plant new trees in their yard:Continue Reading

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