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Root Collar Excavation

Before: Prior to the excavation, the soil and mulch were mounded up around the base of the tree.

Root Collar Excavation

During: While using the air tool, the root collar is being exposed.

Root Collar Excavation

Fibrous Roots Exposed: Small, adventitious, fibrous roots grew in the excess soil and mulch around the tree. These roots need to be cleared away to provide space for the root flare to grow.

Root Collar Excavation

After: After the excess soil, mulch and roots were taken away, the root flare is at the proper height.

Preventative Root Collar Excavation

Excess soil and mulch around the trunk of a tree will cause unseen problems for individual trees. By using a compressed air system to move this excess material away, problematic roots were taken away in order to improve the health and longevity of the tree.

Project Details

Location: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Service Provided: Plant Health Care, Root Collar Excavation

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