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Root collar excavation is the process of removing the soil and mulch from around the trunk of a tree to inspect the root system at the base of the trunk.  This is done to investigate the extent of decay that is present or to view the structure of the roots to see if there may be roots that grow around or across the tree trunk, which is also referred to as girdling roots.  Correcting girdling roots and identifying basal decay will increase your tree’s potential for a full and healthy life.  Our Certified Arborists use a tool called an air spade, which is powered by an industrial air compressor, to move the excess dirt away from the tree.  Our arborists are well-trained in this process, and have years of experience and knowledge to accurately identify if your trees would benefit from this process.  If you believe your tree could benefit from a root collar excavation, contact your local arborist today.

Root Collar Excavation

Root Collar Excavation

Excess soil and mulch around the base of trees is one avoidable tree issue that is a common issue in the landscape.