Alec Schuppel

Title: Diagnostic Arborist

Certification: Certified Arborist

Certification #: WI-1281A

I received my BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2012 for Fine Art Photography. Afterward, I found myself climbing cell phone towers upgrading 4G antennas, and then transitioned into landscaping/horticulture for a local landscaping company. Soon after I discovered Wachtel Tree Science and became a part of the team in the fall of 2013. Throughout my years here at Wachtel Tree Science, I have gained knowledge through extensive training and education in Arboriculture both at work and by my own studying efforts. I have taken courses through MATC and am honored to be able to hold the distinction of being an ISA Certified Arborist.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my beautiful wife Megan and two children – daughter Charley, and newborn son Sunny. Together, we all play our role in living in, renovating, and restoring our old house that has been in my family ancestry for over 150 years. On my free time I enjoy pruning the trees and shrubs my grandparents and great grandparents planted around our property. Additionally, I continue to play guitar and mandolin, and skateboard around town as I have done since I was a young boy.

It is an incredible privilege to be able to care for the largest living organisms on the planet. My mission is to provide you insight into how your trees can achieve their fullest potential. I also want to help recognize that with the right care and maintenance, your trees (even the ones that may be easily overlooked) can provide great value and nostalgia to your property.

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