​John Gall


Certification: Municipal Specialist Certified Arborist

Certification #: ​​WI-0249AM

I am a graduate of Purdue University and hold both a B.S. in Forest Production and a M.S. in Urban Forestry. I spent my first 20 years working in the municipal sector, first as City Forester for Springfield, Ohio and later as City Forester of West Allis, Wisconsin. Since 1994 I have worked in the private sector, joining Wachtel Tree Science as a Consulting Arborist in 2002. A past president of the Wisconsin Arborist Association, I have received both their Distinguished Service and Honorary Life Member Awards. I recently stepped down from the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council after serving as the Wisconsin Arborist Association Representative for 8.5 years.

I have two wonderful daughters, one a business manager for a veterinary clinic and the other a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Dane County Humane Society. I also find time on several occasions in the winter to visit my three grandkids in south Florida. In addition, I serve as treasurer of my church and maintain the extensive landscape on the church property.

Today I use my experience and education as a Consulting Arborist & ISA Certified Arborist/Municipal Specialist to give back to our local communities. I find it especially rewarding to work with smaller communities that don’t typically have a forester on staff, assisting in guiding them in the management of their public trees.

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