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Tree Care Advice from Certified Arborists

Wachtel Tree Science’s tree care tip blog is an online resource regarding all aspects of tree care and plant health care management. Here, our Certified Arborists offer information on a wide variety of tree care topics that we feel are important for our clients to know. In our ongoing goal to provide education and knowledge of the tree care industry, we hope you use this blog as a beneficial tool to help keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Take advantage of the years of experience and extensive industry knowledge of our Certified Arborists and explore our Tree Care Tip Blog below.

COVID-19 Response: Our People, Your Trees

The owners of our company have directed all employees to follow the recommended workplace strategies outlined by the CDC and other health authorities. We are also closely monitoring workforce changes to safeguard against interruption in your service. Learn about what this means for your next tree care service.Continue Reading

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Trees with Leaves in Winter – Is It Possible?

The brilliant colors of fall entice each one of us to get outside, go for a walk, and enjoy the beauty around us, but when we begin to see those colors fall, we know the winter cold is upon us. What if the beautiful fall leaves on my trees have not yet fallen by February? Continue Reading

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Preparing Trees for Winter

Be sure to prepare and inspect one of the most crucial components of your property, your trees. Before Jack Frost can bite your trees, take preemptive steps, such as wrapping the trunk, mulching the base, recycling your leaves and many more, to ensure the safety of your trees in the harsh winter environment. Continue Reading

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