Tree Care Advice from Certified Arborists

Wachtel Tree Science’s tree care tip blog is an online resource regarding all aspects of tree care and plant health care management. Here, our Certified Arborists offer information on a wide variety of tree care topics that we feel are important for our clients to know. In our ongoing goal to provide education and knowledge of the tree care industry, we hope you use this blog as a beneficial tool to help keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Take advantage of the years of experience and extensive industry knowledge of our Certified Arborists and explore our Tree Care Tip Blog below.

Trees to Plant for Shade

If you’re looking for a new tree to provide shade for you and your family, consider these varieties as relatively faster growing trees that can add a lot of natural beauty to your landscape. A couple things to remember before we begin: planting a tree in Wisconsin to shade your house from the sun requires placement...Continue Reading

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Wisconsin Tree Pest Infestations

Every staple Wisconsin tree is at risk of being attacked by bugs and insects. While many of them appear to be harmless, they contribute to problems that long-term could cost a tree’s life. Insect control is a crucial part in keeping your landscape both beautiful and healthy. Here are some pests that invade common Wisconsin tree species...Continue Reading

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Examining Tree Roots After Another Wisconsin Winter

Winter in Wisconsin is officially over. The ground has thawed, trees and shrubs are coming to life and properties are starting to look lively again. To make sure your trees continue to grow and mature the way they’re supposed to, inspecting their overall structure is a crucial recommendation...Continue Reading

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Top 10 Ash Replacement Trees for your Property

The emerald ash borer has claimed hundreds of trees throughout the state of Wisconsin. With its debut in August of 2008, Wachtel Tree Science’s certified arborists have spent the last decade working hard to treat ash trees in hopes to keep them both healthy and alive. However, without the proper treatment plans in place early on, an EAB infestation cannot be reversed easily...Continue Reading

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How Spring Fertilization Makes A Difference

Places with several trees, such as a forest, has soil jam-packed with nutrients. However, places like yards (that are considered an artificial habitat) only have a small amount of natural nutrients. Spring fertilization helps trees and shrubs in areas that have lower levels of provided nutrients... Continue Reading

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Did Wisconsin’s Cold Winter Destroy the Emerald Ash Borer?

At the end of January, the state of Wisconsin experienced temperatures near -35 degrees F including wind chill. For a couple days, we were colder than the continent of Antarctica. As the cold weather kept everyone inside, it was reported on the news that these temperatures may have destroyed all of the Emerald Ash Borer larvae. Are the cold temperatures enough...Continue Reading

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