Needle Cast

needle cast

Needle Cast

If your spruce trees are looking a little thin, Needle Cast may be the culprit. Needle Cast in spruce trees is caused by fungal spores that are released into the air from fallen, diseased needs from the previous year. These spores then land on the new growth that emerges in the spring. This process, combined with moisture, causes your spruce to deteriorate over time. This does not mean you need to cut your tree down, Wachtel Tree Science can help save your beloved spruce with professional Needle Cast treatment!

Trees Prone to Needle Cast include: Colorado Blue Spruce, White Spruce, & Black Hills Spruce

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How to Identify Needle Cast

Early Signs

  • Thinning of needles
  • Deterioration
  • Green needles still exist on the tips of the branches
  • Premature loss of needles – most common on the north side of the canopy near the lower half where sunlight and moisture are slightly higher.

Late Signs

  • Absence of green needles
  • Extreme thinning
  • Dead branches

Needle Cast Prevention

For Homeowners

  • Annual tree consultation from your Certified Arborist
  • Preventative sprays by a professional

Needle Cast Prevention

For Professionals

  • A spray program will consist of 2-3 sprays per year beginning in the early growing season. Several years of spray programs will be necessary to save and protect your tree.

Needle Cast Treatment

Step 1

A proper diagnosis from a Certified Arborist

Step 2

Fungicide spray treatments consisting of 2-3 sprays per year.

Step 3

Improve the growing conditions of the tree being treated.

Step 4

Maintain your Needle Cast treatment program.

Needle Cast FAQs

When Should Needle Cast Be Treated?

If you feel your spruce tree may have Needle Cast, contact a Certified Arborist right away. Your Arborist will determine when the best time to treat your tree will be based on its growth cycle and the tree’s biology.

Will My Tree Recover From Needle Cast?

If your tree is treated in a timely and regular manner, your spruce tree can improve over time. The length of time for neelde cast treatment is determined by the severity of the disease in your spruce.