Bronze Birch Borer

Bronze Birch Borers

Bronze Birch Borers are copper or bronze-colored beetles that attack birch trees. These tree pests typically go after birch trees that are already in an unhealthy state. The larva will feed off of the vascular tissue just under the bark. If there is a Bronze Birch Borer infestation it is important to treat early. If gone untreated, your birch will decline and may die within 2 years of the onset of symptoms.

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How to Identify a Bronze Birch Borer Infestation

Early Signs:

  • Crown thinning
  • Dieback in upper branches

Late Signs:

  • D-shaped exit holes in the bark
  • Swollen ‘bubbles’ in the bark on the trunk

Bronze Birch Borer Prevention

  • Ensure proper tree health
  • Look for signs of crown thinning or D-shaped exit holes

Bronze Birch Borer Prevention

  • Insecticide treatments to halt an active infestation
  • Preventative treatments to avoid future concerns
  • Overall tree health services to improve the tree’s ability to deter insect activity

Bronze Birch Borer Treatment

Step 1

Proper Identification

Step 2

Professional insecticides to eliminate current infestations and prevent future concerns

Bronze Birch Borers FAQ

Can Bronze Birch Borer kill my tree?

If left untreated, yes, your tree could die within a few years of the onset of symptoms.

How do you prevent Bronze Birch Borer?

The best way to prevent Bronze Birch Borers is to ensure optimal health and provide preventive treatments for your birch tree. Regular plant health care services performed by a Certified Arborist will help to keep birch tree pests and diseases at bay.