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Wachtel Tree Science has been providing exceptional tree care services in Wisconsin for over 80 years. We offer total tree care, including insect/disease diagnosis & treatment, pruning, removal, fertilizing, planting, and consultation by Certified Arborists. Our ISA Certified Arborists will always put your trees first.

From the start to finish, from planting to tree disease treatment, Wachtel Tree Science provides any tree care service you need. We use years of experience and a unique scientific approach to keep your trees strong, healthy, and beautiful year-round. Take a look at our wide range of Wisconsin tree care services and let us help you create a custom tree care plan for your landscape.

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Wisconsin Plant Health Care Specialists

Our science-based plant health care services offer a wide range of solutions to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. From seasonal insect control and tree disease management to beneficial soil amendments, our Certified Arborists have the knowledge and expertise to create a custom tree care plan for your landscape. Treatments are based on specific tree species, common tree diseases and the life cycle of damaging insects. Through complete site inspection, our Certified Arborists are able to inspect and diagnose issues affecting trees throughout the year.

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Wisconsin Tree Disease Treatment

Through a variety of tree disease treatments, Wachtel Tree Science can help keep your landscape healthy year round. We offer treatment programs to target fungal issues to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. The key to successful tree disease management is accurate diagnosis and timely treatment. Our Certified Arborists inspect your trees for damaging diseases then create a treatment plan unique to your specific landscape. With scientifically focused applications and ongoing observations from tree care professionals, your trees will look great and stay healthy throughout the year

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Wisconsin Tree Pest Control Services

Tree pest control is an important aspect of tree and shrub health care. Damaging pests may stress trees, damage the aesthetics of your landscape, and can cause death of trees in certain circumstances. Through research and industry-leading application techniques, our Certified Arborists are able to help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Detailed site inspections allow our tree care professionals to diagnose and address the pest concerns unique to your trees. Through various soil systemic insecticides, targeted spray programs, and trunk injections, Wachtel Tree Science can help you address your tree insect concerns.

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Wisconsin Tree Fertilization Services

Tree fertilization and soil amendment services are very beneficial to help your trees grow and thrive. We offer specialized fertilizer mixes that release healthy nutrients over a sustained period of time to increase the longevity of the benefits to your tree. Other soil amendment services include the addition of iron and other nutrient levels and the introduction of beneficial fungi to increase root growth and capacity. These fertilization and soil amendment services, in addition to compost tea applications and mulching techniques, are provided with your trees’ health in mind. Our Certified Arborists will inspect your landscape to provide a specially designed tree care plan for your trees.

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Wisconsin Tree Consultants

Our tree care consultation services cover a wide range of needs for residential, commercial and municipal properties. From tree inventories and site evaluations to tree ordinance review and risk assessment, our Certified Arborists are specially qualified to provide arboricultural consultation across Wisconsin. Our scientific approach in tree care and our passion for providing professional service makes us the tree service you can trust for honest and accurate tree consultation.

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Tree Protection During Construction

The tree care services provided by Wachtel Tree Science before, during, and after construction ensure that your trees stay protected during a wide range of construction projects. Our Certified Arborists can offer assessments and tree management advice for any trees affected by home construction projects or nearby street construction. Creating a custom plan for your trees during construction projects will keep you trees healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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Wisconsin Tree & Shrub Pruning Services

Finding an arborist who can determine when pruning and what type of pruning is required for your trees is important. Our Certified Arborists are trained to provide a range of beneficial pruning techniques to help keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, crown restoration, deadwood pruning and structural pruning are among the nationally accepted standards of tree pruning developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These are the standards our experienced arborists perform for every pruning service we provide. Wachtel’s Certified Arborists will meet with you to create a detailed plan specific to the pruning needs of your landscape. Through the use of national pruning standards, industry-leading equipment, and many years of experience, our Certified Arborists can help maintain the health, safety and beauty of your trees.

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Tree Cabling Services

Tree cabling and bracing is an effective solution to a variety of your tree concerns. Weak branch unions and poorly attached branches can be stabilized with strategically placed cable and brace systems. Our Certified Arborists can help improve your tree’s resistance to weather damage and protect your property from unnecessary damage. Wachtel’s staff of experienced Certified Arborists is available to assess tree cabling and bracing needs. Have our tree care professionals determine the best course of action to help keep your trees safe for your family and your property.

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Tree & Shrub Planting

Wachtel Tree Science uses preferred methods when planting every tree and shrub. By using industry-leading standards for every planting service, our Certified Arborists create the best possible environment to ensure your investment thrives. From start to finish, Wachtel works with you to fulfill your ideal planting plan for your landscape. Our tree care professionals start by determining the right tree for the right location on your property. From there, Wachtel’s Certified Arborists follow industry-leading planting standards and procedures to place the plant in the ground and create a science-based health care plan to make sure your new tree or shrub will grow healthy and beautiful.

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Root Collar Excavation for Wisconsin Trees

A root collar excavation is the detailed process of removing dirt from around the base of the trunk of a tree to inspect the way the roots of the tree are developing around the base of the trunk. This service is a way for our tree care professionals to investigate problematic roots or the extent of decay below the ground level and create a custom plan to help your trees heal. Through a diagnostic assessment, our Certified Arborists are able to determine whether your tree would benefit from a root collar exam. Precision and accuracy is extremely important when it comes to this service. Our well-trained tree care professionals have the knowledge and experience to ensure you obtain the most out of your root collar excavation.

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Wisconsin Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Services

The tree removal and stump grinding services from the Certified Arborists at Wachtel Tree Science are held to high industry standards. We put safety and efficiency at the forefront of every tree removal service to ensure your property is protected. With extreme attention to detail, industry-leading equipment, and extensive field knowledge, our tree care professionals can provide expert tree removal service in a wide range of circumstances. Stump grinding services are also available to get your property ready for new landscaping projects or to improve the aesthetic of your yard.

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Shrub Pruning Services

Professional pruning helps promote healthy growth and foliage throughout your hedges or other shrubs. Professional shrub pruning will stimulate growth throughout the plant and help improve its overall health.

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Signs of a Sick Tree

You’re looking at your tree and you notice something just doesn’t seem right. Whether it’s the leaves, the trunk, or its just lost its overall glow, you know your tree needs help. Chances are that your tree is sick. Let us help.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Wachtel Tree Science has been providing tree and shrub care in Waukesha County and the surrounding areas since 1935 and understands how different plants work together in a landscape. We understand which diseases and pests spread from plant to plant, which can help us limit the damage in your yard.

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Tree Pruning Services

Like all other tree health care services, no two pruning services are created equal. Trees need pruning throughout their lives to improve their longevity in the landscape. Pruning should start when trees are young and should continue to be pruned on a roughly 2- to 5-year cycle depending on the type of tree. Pruning is essential for your tree’s overall health. It helps create a durable tree that is less prone to disease and is able to withstand structural issues in the future.

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Wisconsin Tree Care Specialists

Trees are an essential part of our landscapes. From creating beauty and shade for your home to increasing the property value, trees are something to be cherished. Trees in Wisconsin are susceptible to several diseases and pest issues. If these sick trees are not cared for, they could die and would no longer enhance your property.

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Thank you for another job well done! The applicator arborist was very pleasant and professional. I appreciate Wachtel’s quality!

​Donna F. - Hartford​, WI