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​Keeping Trees Healthy

Our plant health care services are designed with the well-being and long-term health of your trees in mind. Our methods help preserve beneficial insects and keep diseases under control through the use of careful plant health care services and management using trunk and soil injections and other methods. At Wachtel, we place a high value on the science of tree and shrub care. We treat what is needed based on insect and disease life cycles using narrowly focused and targeted applications.

Providing plant health care services doesn’t just mean saving your plant after you’ve noticed something is wrong, it is about maintaining the plants before problems begin to arise. Often times if a plant is too sick, it is much more difficult (and expensive) to nurse your tree or plant back to health. Quick check-ups from our Certified Arborists are the most efficient way to ensure your plants live a long and healthy life and give your Wisconsin home the best curb appeal possible.

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Tree Health Care

  • Soil systemic insecticides for insect control
  • Spray programs based on insect life and tree disease cycles
  • Trunk injections for a variety of tree health concerns
  • Soil amendments for nutrient deficiencies, increased growth, and to introduce beneficial fungi
  • Compost Tea: A healthy mix of nutrients added to the area around your tree to promote growth and prevent diseases

Signs of a Sick Tree

Certified arborists at Wachtel Tree Science recommend inspecting your trees each season. If you begin to notice bark loss, discolored or falling leaves, fungus, or your tree just doesn't look like it used to, this is a sign of a sick tree. There are a number of different treatments for sick trees based on the disease and species of tree.

Tree and Shrub Care: Problem Diagnosis

Our Certified Arborists provide thorough health assessments to identify and diagnose plant health issues. Whether your trees and shrubs need a treatment to keep harmful pests away or they need help with soil deficiencies or disease control, Wachtel Tree Science's knowledgeable experts will develop a treatment plan specific to your property and trees to bring your sick tree back to its full potential.

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Client Testimonial

We were extremely pleased with your crew who trimmed our trees. They worked all day, were neat and responsive to our queries. Fine young workers!

​Arlene & Mark V. - Greendale​, WI

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Our specialty is identifying what may be the cause of your sick tree and prescribing the proper treatment at the proper time. We offer a wide range of plant health care services to give your trees the care they need.

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