Signs of a Sick Tree

Is my tree sick?

You’re looking at your tree and you notice something just doesn’t seem right. Whether it’s the leaves, the trunk, or it's just lost its overall glow, you know your tree needs help. Chances are you have a sick tree. The next questions become – What disease does my tree have? How did my tree get sick? And most importantly, what can I do to help my tree recover?

Trees in Wisconsin are threatened by diseases, pests, shifts in weather, and nutrient deficiencies in soils among other factors. To identify why your tree is sick, you’ll need help from a Wisconsin Certified Arborist. After inspecting the symptoms of your tree, our team will give a diagnosis and recommendations on how to bring your tree back to its full health.

Common Wisconsin Tree Diseases

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Signs your tree may be sick:

  • Early leaf loss
  • Leaf discoloration
  • Bark falling off
  • Dead or decaying branches
  • Needle loss
  • Infestations of insects in your tree

Sick Tree Treatment

Treatment for sick trees may include sprays, trunk injections, soil restoration, root collar excavation, or others. How to treat your sick tree will vary depending on the type of tree and its symptoms. Bringing your tree back to health could take a few months up to a few years of treatment to get it back to its full potential. Your Wachtel Tree Science Certified Arborist will ensure you understand the entire process.

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Frequently Asked Sick Tree Questions

Can sick trees be saved?


Depending on what the issue is, sick trees can be brought back to health.  With proper care, many insect and disease issues can be corrected.  Not all issues are able to be corrected, so a proper diagnosis is the first step in understanding whether your tree can be helped or not.

How do you bring a sick tree back to life?

A Certified Arborist can provide a proper diagnosis and remedies for trees that are sick.  These remedies can include pruning, treatments, or soil/root amendments to help the tree come back to its full glory.

How do you protect your trees from being sick?

Keeping a tree in good health is a great way to help them avoid becoming sick.  Having the right tree in the right growing conditions sets up a tree for a successful life.  Then proper aftercare, including watering, organic mulching, attending to nutrient needs of the tree, etc. can allow a tree to better fend off issues that often overwhelm a tree that is not in good health.

Who do you call for sick trees?

Contact an ISA Certified Arborist and TCIA Accredited company, like Wachtel Tree Science, for a full assessment of your trees.

Can one sick tree affect all my other trees?

Certain disease and insect issues can spread from tree to tree in your yard.  Many diseases are species-specific so they may only affect a certain type of tree.  Maintaining a variety of trees in your yard will help to minimize the spread of specific disease/insect issues.

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Our specialty is identifying what may be the cause of your sick tree and prescribing the proper treatment at the proper time. We offer a wide range of plant health care services to give your trees the care they need.

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