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Tree Pruning

Like all other tree health care services, no two tree pruning services are created equal. Trees need pruning throughout their lives to improve their longevity in the landscape. Pruning should start when trees are young and should continue to be pruned on a roughly 2- to 5-year cycle depending on the type of tree. Pruning is essential for your tree’s overall health. It helps create a durable tree that is less prone to disease and better withstands structural issues in the future.

Tree pruning is a very technical skill provided by our Certified Arborists. The standards for tree pruning are extensive and involved. They are there to protect the consumer. It takes years of practice and understanding of the growth habits of a tree for it to be done properly. Our tree & shrub pruning service involve a mix of pruning out deadwood and other branches that may be overcrowded or have poor attachments, keeping the tree structurally sound all while maintaining its functionality in the landscape. There are several types of pruning that can be provided to your tree based on the overall goal of your property. Wachtel Tree Science Certified Arborists will inspect your tree and educate you on what tree & shrub pruning service is needed and any other preventative measures necessary to keep your tree healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Structural Pruning is one of our specialties. There are various types of hybrid trees specific to Wisconsin that benefit greatly from structural pruning. Although several are hardy trees, the branch unions can be weak if not properly cared for. Therefore, a mature tree will easily split, especially from a strong wind or heavy snowfall. It is best to keep up with pruning these trees from early on, roughly every 3-5 years. Our team is able to structurally prune year-round! If you know it's been over 5 years, contact an arborist right away.

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Benefits of Tree Pruning Services:

  • Structural pruning: Helps the tree to maintain its structure and durability long-term
  • Removing dead, decaying, or diseased branches from your tree’s crown
  • Produces a uniform density and foliage around the entire tree
  • Removing deadwood to prevent property damage during storms or high winds
  • Removes low hanging limbs to heighten the crown of the tree for easier clearance for cars or buildings nearby.

When to have Trees Pruned:

If you are seeing branches encroaching on your house or walkways, if there are dead branches falling to the ground after heavy winds or if it’s just been a while – it’s time for your trees to be pruned. Contact your local Wachtel Tree Science Certified Arborist to set up an appointment for a pruning assessment.

Your arborist will determine the best time of year for your tree to be pruned. Typically, the dormant season will work the best for pruning. This allows arborists to easily see the structure of the tree and helps to prevent the spread of disease, but many trees can be pruned all year long.

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We were extremely pleased with your crew who trimmed our trees. They worked all day, were neat and responsive to our queries. Fine young workers!

​Arlene & Mark V. - Greendale​, WI

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Our specialty is identifying what may be the cause of your sick tree and prescribing the proper treatment at the proper time. We offer a wide range of plant health care services to give your trees the care they need.

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