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​Professional Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

Our knowledgeable and experienced ISA Certified Arborists know that all tree and shrub pruning services are different. A professional arborist assesses each tree or shrub individually and then decides what type of pruning is necessary to achieve the desired objective.

Hiring a professional Certified Arborist provides peace of mind that your plant’s health is well cared for. If tree pruning is performed incorrectly, it can cause harm to your trees or shrubs, and your property. At Wachtel Tree Science, we keep safety top of mind and are always looking out for the best interest of your trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Our Certified Arborists will help you benefit from utilizing industry standards and will assist you in determining what type of pruning your trees need. Always consider that properly pruned trees and shrubs look better, minimize risk, are healthier, and increase value to your property.

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Tree Pruning Services

Types of Tree and Shrub Pruning  Objectives of a Natural Pruning System:

  • Develop or improve structure: generally done for younger trees
  • Crown or branch reduction: done when a tree part becomes oversized for its location
  • Raising crowns: provides space for people or structures as in allowing space to mow under a tree
  • Improving tree health: taking out weak, crossing, or dead branches improves the health of a tree
  • Reducing Risk:  taking out dead branches preventively keeps them from falling out unpredictably
  • Enhancing views: selective pruning can improve visibility


Tree Pruning Services

Wachtel Tree Science is experienced in a wide variety of tree and shrub pruning techniques and standards. Our ISA Certified Arborists ISA Certified Arborists provide expert tree and shrub pruning through the use of industry-leading equipment and safe, efficient techniques. Wachtel Tree Science is equipped to provide tree and shrub pruning services for residential, commercial and municipal properties of any size, big or small.

Finding an arborist who can determine what type of pruning service is required for your plants is important. At Wachtel Tree Science, our knowledgeable and experienced Certified Arborists can meet with you to help determine what type of pruning is needed for your property.

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Client Testimonial

I truely enjoyed watching your people get up to the tree tops to trim up my trees. Especially the “ropes” guy.

Tom S. - West Bend​, WI

Pruning Frequently Asked Questions

Do all trees and plants need pruning?

Yes, most trees will need pruning at some point in their lives to address structural problems such as rubbing branches and/or multiple leaders. Other concerns can be corrected as well with pruning such as clearance issues and certain tree disease problems.

How much of a tree should I prune at once?

This may change over time.  A younger, more vigorous tree can withstand more pruning compared to an older, mature tree.  A general rule of thumb is to avoid taking out more than 25% of living material from a tree at any one time.  As alluded to earlier, the dosage of pruning may vary based on the age, condition, and objectives for the pruning.

Should I use tree paint on wounds after pruning?

Painting pruning cuts is usually not necessary.  This was very common at one time, though research has shown that pruning paint can cause more harm than good.  The only time pruning paint may help is when insect/disease issues play a role in tree health as in the case of oak wilt or Dutch elm disease.

Can too much pruning kill a tree?

Yes, over pruning can kill trees.  If too much live material is taken from a tree, the tree may not be able to recover and can die as a result.

Where do you cut when you prune?

Final cuts for pruning should be done at the ‘target’ cut location.  This is the point on a branch that contains all branch material, which is just beyond the branch bark collar and ridge yet avoiding leaving a branch stub.

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We use industry leading technology and best practices for efficient, professional and safe tree and shrub pruning services.

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