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Trees are an essential part of our landscapes. From creating beauty and shade for your home to increasing the property value, trees are something to be cherished. Trees in Wisconsin are susceptible to several diseases and pest issues. If these sick trees are not cared for, they could die and would no longer enhance your property.
If you are noticing early leaf loss or discoloration, bark falling off, or if your tree just seems “off”, contact a Wachtel Tree Science Certified Arborist. These are signs that your tree may be nutrient deficient or has been affected by a disease or pest. A Certified Arborist can provide a custom solution to bring your beloved tree back to its full potential. We will begin with a full science-based analysis to determine what your tree is experiencing. Then we can provide solutions for what is required. These recommendations are based on insect and disease life cycles, or nutrient deficiencies using narrowly focused and targeted applications.

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Types of Tree Care

  • Consultation and preventative maintenance
  • Soil systemic insecticides for insect control
  • Treatment programs based on tree disease and insect life cycles
  • Trunk injections for a variety of tree health concerns
  • Soil fertilization for nutrient deficiencies and increased growth

Local Tree Care Specialists

Wachtel Tree Science has been an expert in tree care in Waukesha County and surrounding areas since 1935. Our goal is to keep your trees healthy and beautiful during every season of the year. If you’re looking for experienced Certified Arborists that treat your property as their own and understand trees from the roots to the crown and everything in-between, you have come to the right place!

Preventative Tree Care

Preventative maintenance for your tree is the best way to ensure long-term health. By understanding your tree and its surroundings, Wachtel Tree Science Certified Arborists will prescribe a unique tree care plan to ensure long-term health and beauty.

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I really appreciated all the great service. Everyone was so pleasant and professional!

Julie - Elm Grove, WI

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Our specialty is identifying what may be the cause of your sick tree and prescribing the proper treatment at the proper time. We offer a wide range of plant health care services to give your trees the care they need.

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