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2023 Tree Care Prescription

Tree Care Prescription

Greetings! We are looking forward to a tremendous year ahead. As we plan for the coming seasons, we’ve created customized recommendations to help keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Tips from the Pros

  • Send your response to us today so you don’t miss out on critical treatment time frames.
  • Let your arborist know ahead of time if you have any new concerns for your trees or if you’ve noticed any new problems for your trees
  • Take preventative measures seriously; it is the only way to ensure the proper health of your tree
  • Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. We love educating homeowners about their beloved trees.

Request Your Prescription Letter

As Certified Arborists in Wisconsin, our priority is to keep trees healthy for many years to come. If we have reviewed the trees on your property in the past, we are able to prescribe a custom tree care prescription for your property. If you haven’t received one yet, request your letter using the form below, call us at (262)538-1900, or email us at info@wachteltree.com!

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